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Princess Ameera, the spoiled crown princess of the Eastern African kingdom of Massawa, is sent off to New York to attend a private high school, the Madison School, to recieve a proper American education in one of the most expensive schools in the United States.

Princess Ameera is a sweet, kind-hearted, generous woman, given the opulent life of luxury and privilege that she's lived her entire life, in comparison to the rough, miserable lives of the citizens of Massawa, who continue to live without proper food or education.

The poor people of Massawa continue to suffer from oppression and injustice under the tyrannical reign of King Ali, as the decades of famine, poverty, and authoritarian government have led the African nation standing closer to the brink of a popular revolution.

Princess Ameera wakes up in her elite Manhattan penthouse, equipped with a private swimming pool, tennis court, private cinema room, helicopter pad, and a massive collection of sport and luxury cars, all which her father generously provided for her pleasure.

She lazily grooms her exotic pet Bengali tiger, Cupcake, while her maids quickly hurry to prepare her breakfast as the princess dips into a small pool of pure, fresh cream milk for a casual bath, followed with a nice, comfortable massage by her personal masseuse.

She walks into an elaborate walk-in closet filled with designer clothes, bags, shoes, and expensive pieces of jewellery, as she puts on a white silk hijab and a Gucci tee, paired with Louis Vuitton boots and a Hérmes birkin bag, applied with a hint of Chanel perfume.

You, meanwhile, are a new student in class, coming from a poor, working-class family, who's just won a full scholarship to Madison as you take the public metro on the way to your first day of classes, until, that is, you met the gorgeous, beautiful, Princess Ameera.
howdy there friend i saw your role play idea and i was hoping to play it with you scince my character would be perfect for the character that is poor and got the free scoller ship if not i understand ^w^

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