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It really wasn't much. Looked more like your classic biker dive bar on the edge of any city. Served many of the same drinks, had the usual couple of pool tables and dart boards off to the side.

The major difference

This bar was on the edge of Hell. It existed in a way that it could be entered both on earth, and in hell, though humans often avoided the place due to some of the people that frequented it.
Samuel William Winchester (played by Raziel_Samael_Ray) Topic Starter

There was one man who was a regular, in a way. In Earth time, he was there weekly. But in Hell time, it was once every 10 years. In Hell, he was well known, for multiple reasons actually. But at the moment, it was mostly because he was Satan's bitch. He'd been trapped in the Cage with Lucifer. But, he'd made a deal. The Cage was made to hold Lucifer, not a human soul, so Sam was able to leave when Lucifer let him. The deal was, Sam could visit this bar once ever 10 years if he did what Lucifer wanted.

After awhile, it was worth it.

Today was Sam's visit. He always came in looking ragged, but today was worse that usual. He came in, and plopped in a booth as he usually did and waited for the waitstaff.
Leona, sitting at the counter, gave him a sideways glance as he walked in. She wasn't looking the best either, the bags under her eyes even darker than usual. She stared back at the drink in her hand and muttered somthing in some strange language.

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