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Is it just me, or does the moderator names at the bottom of forums shrinking?
I see Mina, Keke, Cass, Claine, Ben, Darth_Angelus listed, but isn't Sanne a moderator?
The Find a Moderator list help seems to be maybe out of date?
Or do some moderators only do 'back-of-house' stuff? Sorry, I'm up late and am easily confused.
Claine Moderator

Moderators can put themselves on vacation mode if they need a temporary break :) This takes them off the list of moderators at the bottom of the forum so users are less likely to directly PM them with questions or concerns. The Find a Moderator list is currently accurate!
Sanne Moderator

I'm currently sick and not in the right headspace for moderation duties! So I put myself on vacation mode until I perk back up. :) This also helps the other mods see who's available.
Dawnia Topic Starter

I hope you recover Sanne! I knew there was a probable answer for it! :)
Thanks Claine for giving my confused topic a proper title! :D

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