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I know there is word filters for groups, but not for the whole site.
I would like a censoring system that blocks out words of your choice for you and only you personally. :)

I am emetophobic and a lot of people don't seem to warn for it or uses words in a non-emetophobic triggering way but is a emetophobic triggering word. I would love a way for it to be censored for me and others. <3

This is also a good time to talk about emetophobia and triggers, and how they affect people.
I've put it under a collapse tag just in-case.

Emetophobia is a fear of thr*wing up and it can range from making someone have very high anxiety from making them do the said action they fear upon seeing/hearing it. Emetophobia, at least for me; this does not speak for others, the words (whether it's used referencing said trigger or not as more of a figure of speech such as word v*mit, makes me really upset and gives me not only anxiety, but if the sound or visual of it, I will actually start crying and sometimes even panic over it.

So please, please be considerate of this thing. I know not everyone has it and cannot be fully avoided, but every little warning/spoiler tag could make a difference. <3

No matter how big or small the trigger might be, a trigger is a trigger and it should be respected and noted to bring a better experience to those on RPR and other sites even!
(not at all answering for anyone here, BUT when a forum enabled listing your own censorship words the UI kind of messed it up royally every time: for instance, you can't spell slaughter without laughter; so if i had censored the word laughter then the word slaughter would show up like sl******* and ALL that would DO is remind me that you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

the censorship did not actually work, either, because my reading brain tried to decode / fill in the asterisks anyway, which while a degree removed from the trigger word on-sight was still a triggering reminder (it was not actually laughter / slaughter, the words, i'm just using as an example.

the best you can do, i'm guessing, is let your rp partners know at the start what your triggers / limits are, and stay away from common-use forum areas that would likelier involve the slang / words that upset you. the thing that upsets you is not inherently evil or mean-spirited, it is just a neutral fact of life that people will mention and talk openly about; they are not doing so to upset traumatized persons, they are merely using the full availability of expressive language in creative and somewhat emotional / subjective ways.

i keep well clear of a couple of forum areas or threads because i can better guess what i want to avoid -- on some days i can absolutely handle triggers and reminders and on some days i cannot, and that is neither good nor bad either it Just Is A Thing That Is True.)
I don't know what browser you use, but if you have Chrome or Firefox, I'd suggest taking a peek at some of the add-ons you can download. There's such a wide range of things that can be triggers for discomfort that I imagine it would be hard (or basically impossible) for the mods to tag for all of them. On the other hand, you could download something like 'word replacer' and censor certain words or phrases yourself.
Sanne Moderator

I can't speak on behalf of Kim if this would or wouldn't be added, but I highly recommend looking at browser extensions to help curate your entire online experience to be more friendly towards your needs. That would make it apply to the RPR as well. :)
I agree with a lot of what oven said. And the others, too; I've never used these browser extensions but have heard of them, and they seem like they'd help you.
At first, I was totally for this feature! There was a time in my life when I saw one specific word & went all crazy (in a bad meaning) and although now I'm fine, I am sure this would help. But now I think the extensions would work just as well + protect you on the other sites as well. :) Both you nor I didn't know about these before, which means there might be more people with "trigger words" who are unaware. So it would be nice if instead of adding a new feature we just, hm... Promoted the idea of using these add-ons, or smth? It would save time with coding & protect people outside the RPR, where sometimes people might not be as friendly as here.

I really like how you spoke openly about your phobia. I didn't know this existed & I often talked about such stuff openly online & offline. I never thought that somebody might actually get intense anxiety with stuff like this, it's good to be aware that triggers aren't just the "most common" tragedy-related words. Wishing you the best with fighting your emetophobia.

So far, I found one for Chrome and one for Firefox. I am not able to test if they work/don't work or have viruses, as I am using only Opera GX. I wanted to post links, but since I can't verify those, I would rather not post random links. ^^;

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