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I'm trying out something a bit different this time around! I'm calling it a You Pick Adoptable. I have two for sale, one male and one female. They are both uncolored, and the buyer gets to pick whatever colors (specific or a generalized theme) they want, which will be filled in after purchasing, including all parts of the body and clothing.

Either design costs USD 40.00 via PayPal.

Designs come with:
🔹 A transparent colored image of the clothed character.
🔸A transparent colored nude.
🔹A detailed color chart including HEX numbers and swatches (picked by/for the buyer)

- I will only be selling one male and one female-presenting character.
- If you want to see the nude before purchase, message me.
- I am willing to edit or add to the design for an added cost.
- Feel free to DM me if you want to purchase or have any questions. ❤️

Lastly, even if you don't want to buy, feel free to let me know if you like this idea! 🙂
I have already spent my allotment for this month but I like the idea and wouldn't be averse to seeing more of it in the future!
Beautiful work, Kruhee! ^_^
Okay the male dragon is gorgeous. <_<
But I lack currency to purchase said dragon.

Good luck selling your dragons! :D
2 things, one, i would love to buy one… if i wasn’t a poor high shcool student, 2… i can’t see the pictures…. ☹️
Kruhee Topic Starter

Update, the male presenting design has been sold.❤️

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