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Secret Demon

Demons and humans never got along. They hated each other with a passion, and one species always wanted to wipe out the other. They were even laws in both species, that were supposed to prevent things such as a demon falling in love with a human and vice versa. If a demon was caught with a human mate, or a human was caught with a demon mate, both of them would be considered traitors and would be killed.

My name is Aaron. I’m a rare Aura Jackel Demon. When I was young, my tribe was wiped out by humans. My parents were part of that tribe, so I had to fend for myself if I wanted to live. Somehow I managed to survive, by the grace of the gods.

One night, I was out looking for deer and other animals to kill and eat when I got ambushed. Several hunters came out of nowhere and attacked me. They were so many of them that I had no chance of beating them, but I was stupid enough to fight them anyway. Because they are the same hunters who killed my family all those years ago...

After I was horribly wounded, the hunters left, not bothering to finish what they had started. I was left to die and I thought my end was near. But, you found me and took me in, even though it was against the laws of your species. You hide me from other humans, afraid of what they might do if they found out about you hiding me. Oh, and you’re a hunter as well as a medic for the villagers.
Aaron Rockhand (played anonymously)

Aaron made it a distance away from the fighting before collasping. The aura jackal demon had been following a small group of bird demons. They were vulture demons, so they were more likely to eat from another's kill before killing prey themselves. Still, Aaron followed them as he had an unsuccessful day of hunting, and figured that he could fight them over leftovers from a kill. However, it almost seemed as if they were intentionally leading Aaron into a trap.

A group of humans seemed to come out of nowhere, and ambushed him. He tried to fight them off, as he knew that these particular hunters killed his tribe many years ago, when he was just a child. Revenge seemed like it was possible at the time, but it turns out that Aaron was wrong. He had underestimated his foes, and now, it seemed like he was going to die.

"How could I be so damn foolish?! There were more of them than they were of me. They managed to wipe out my tribe, leaving me as the sole survivor. I should have known that I didn't even stand a small chance against them." Aaron thought, not caring if he sent out the message telepathically or not. It wasn't like anyone would be there to save a dying demon, especially a human and the vulture demons were circling over him.

"Did they have any clue what they were doing?" Aaron thought, pressing his hand against his chest wound, only to draw it away when the feeling of warm, wet blood went over it. He glanced at the bird demons above, as one let out some sort of call before leaving the area.

Aaron laid his head back down, not caring that the birds had left, or about the fact that he was covered in mud and blood.
Trinity was a young lady, barely 18 years old, and a pure blooded human. She was born to the richest members of society and very absent parents. She was despised by her older brother. Having no family to call her own, in that regard, Trinity spent most of her time alone. This day was no different, riding her pure black friesian mare through the fields. The polished pure gold tack jingled with each canter the horse made. Red saddle blanket rested between the black saddle and black body. A golden S was sewn into the blanket, indicating her heritage to the Sanders family.

All she heard for the first bit was the sound of hooves on the ground until she saw the birds. Vultures out this far? Vultures never hung around the fields. She was confused and fairly curious. She dug her heels into the mare's side to encourage her towards where the birds were. She heard cry for help as she got closer to where they had been. Seeing the injured one, she skidded her horse to a halt and slid off.

Rushing over to him, she carefully placed her hand on his chest wound. "My god, you're bleeding. Let me help you." She could see he was a demon but cared not. She wouldn't live through any sort of punishment the humans would have for her if they found out. If they were to kill her, they'd only be doing her a service.

"Come on, look at me. Look at me. Stay with me. I need to get you back home. I have medical supplies there." She explained to him, hoping he'd enough strength to get onto her horse.
Aaron Rockhand (played anonymously)

Aaron was motionless, other than the slow but steady rising and falling of his flank as he breathed. His eyes were shut, and his teeth were bared in pain. He was still alive, but just barely.

"Damn those sons of bitches! Every last one of them! Humans can all rot in the depths of hell for all I care!" Aaron sent out another telepathic message, not caring who or what heard. He was food for the animals who couldn't be bothered to kill their own prey.

His life was flashing in his mind, repeating over and over again. From his birth, all the way to now, where he was possibly dying. He was faintly aware of someone talking, but he couldn't tell if the sounds were in his head or in the outside world.

His aura sensed someone nearby, and he slowly open one eye to get a look at the newcomer. A warning growl emerged from his throat, more on instinct than rational thought.

"Get away from me... Aaron replied through a telepathic message, baring his teeth in a snarl. He refused to believe that any human was going to help a demon, unless it was some sort of trap.
Trinity frowned when he told her to back off. She shook her head as she glared at him. "No. You can not make me leave you. I will not leave an injured being behind to just die." She retorted back to him, attempting to pick him up to put him on her horse. Of course the beast didn't want him on her back but Trinity held the reins tightly so she couldn't back away. She was going to save this man's life, demon or not. If he killed her afterwards, so be it. She had little regard for her own life at the moment.

Finally getting him onto her mare's back, she climbed up the saddle and got settled in again. "Time to go home, Hadrina." She told her mare as she turned the horse back the way she came. She took off at a full gallop to get him to her house. If she was lucky, she'd have no one in her way between the front door and her room. She was intending on taking him there to use her medical kits on him.
Aaron Rockhand (played anonymously)

Aaron realized that he couldn't convince the human to let him be, so he retracted the spikes on his body so he could be lifted onto the horse. He was too weak to be able to move too much, otherwise he would have just scrambled off the horse.

A groan came from him as he felt himself get put on the horse. He open his other eye slightly, watching the ground seem to move as the horse started to gallop. How he was staying on, he had no idea. There didn't seek to be anything holding him in place, but that being said, he wasn't totally with it.

"Cast away your worries my dear, for tomorrow comes a new day..." The first lyrics of a lullaby that his late mother used to sing to him to get him to sleep when he was a restless pup played in his head. This caused the demon's ears to perk up, as if trying to find the source of the sound. Was he hallucinating because he had lost too much blood? Or maybe her spirit was trying to ease her son's worries?

"Is that you, mother? I thought that you were gone." Aaron telepathically sent out the message, even though there was a huge part of him that did not expect any sort of reply.

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