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Okay, so when you have your pet - there’s a chance that you’d find an item for your pet, right? Well, I got some fish bits when I was about to type in something, and when I click the empty box it accidentally boot me up to my pet rock’s inventory for no reason. I came back to post something, click the box again, and that happens again - only if the notification’s still there. Does this happen on the other occasions in this site? Otherwise, is there a chance to fix it?
Any time you think you might have found a bug, it's best to use the bug report form that can be found through Help > Report A Problem. :) That way it gets added to Kim's list of potential bugs to investigate. Plus, if your report helps to get something fixed, you'll get an accolade for helping out the site!

You are on: Forums » Help » Weird bug with your pet

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