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Hi there!

I would like to create a character that:

-Is part of the elven fantasy genre
-Loves combat and has loyal attributes
-Enjots traveling to towns for service
It sounds like they could possibly be someone who enjoys taking part in combat tournaments for fun in their free time!

Maybe one day they end up in a small town and someone sends them on a special quest?

Edited to add: The special quest could be anything from finding a lost child to slaying a dangerous beast.
- Maybe the child had run away because they felt that their parents wouldn't accept them but in truth their parents really miss the child and just want to have their child home.
- Maybe the dangerous beast isn't that dangerous at all and it doesn't want to fight people anymore? It could become an ally.

I also love the idea of them rising in the elven community and becoming more honoured after every single one of their completed quests. If they were to have a beast ally/friend then they could try and climb up enough for them to convince others that the beast isn't so dangerous?
Traveling mercenary from elven nobility. It's seen as a sort of outreach program from the elves to help unite them with other races that might not understand their ways very well. So this individual travels from town to town in order to assist those less fortunate than them for 'free'. While those who benefit from their services aren't expected to pay, they are compensated by their own elven government.

SylOfficial wrote:
Maybe the dangerous beast isn't that dangerous at all and it doesn't want to fight people anymore? It could become an ally.

I absolutely love this idea. Maybe it's an old creature thinking it's defending itself from the townsfolk even?
solaris_light Topic Starter

I really like the elven nobility idea, maybe an elf who got tired of watching their noble family ignoring the problems around them? Turning them to a life of assistance, one that might be frowned upon or accepted by their now abandoned family.

I really like the idea of a long term quest, but I'm also thinking they would be a part of a small team? I feel like that would add another sense of loyalty that would fit the theme I'm looking for.

As always, your ideas are amazing! <3
Just to throw this out there, for the sake of doing so, if you're into monster types you could have the knight be this nameless (presumably) featureless entity that hides inside a suit of armor. No one knows who they are, no one knows what they are. Why do they get work and sent on quests? Because they wear armor and that obviously means they can solve problems. Really, this could work for any type of character, even an elf! Maybe they're just really good at keeping their identity unintentionally hidden.

To build off of the concept of being raised in an elven society, maybe this creature/entity/being (what have you) wasn't originally anything elven-related and was simply found and raised by them? So they picked up elven values and mannerisms and whatnot.
solaris_light Topic Starter

I totally love the idea of a masked hero, I feel like it gives an extra sense of mystery and thrill!
Calliope O'Malley (played by solaris_light) Topic Starter

Thanks to everyone for helping me create this character! If you have any rp ideas, or want to help me give Callie a whirl, please don't hesitate to send me a DM! <3

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