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I talk pretty much non-stop about doing art stuff, so I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and throw some of my spare drawings in here. Not gonna lie, 90% of it's probably gonna be Kira. :')

PS: If you want to see me draw something in particular involving her - a specific piece of clothing, a particular expression or scenario, feel free to ask! ❤️

Art from 2016, an age progression of Kira - though it stops around 14-16, because I didn't finish it.

More recent piece, practicing lighting and backgrounds. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, so I might redo it soon!

Also more recent, not practicing anything at all; just trying to draw my girl in a pretty dress.
Since I'm a Kira fan, I'd like for you to draw her in a scenario with a sort of stylization as well! I had two in mind, but I won't overwhelm you!

Don't Starve Together! I want to know what Kira would look like in that style for starters, and if you wanted to elaborate some, what would her perk be -- every DST character has a perk and a weakness! Let's hear it! What's her starting inventory item as well that is only something she can have? Now I'm done! Hah hah...
Always loved your art! It was wonderful to see it again. 💕
Lovely style!
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Thanks, guys! Y'all are so sweet! ;_;


I may've put a little extra into this. There's still some of my style mixed in, but, here she is: Mostly DS/DST-style Kira!

And the accompanying notes about how she'd work from a mechanical perspective:

Kira's health is higher than most of the default roster's, and it regenerates over time at the cost of draining hunger and sanity. Her maximum sanity is quite low, so playing even slightly wrong (just for a moment) can throw off the rest of your run considerably. Most of the things that typically restore sanity do not work for her. Things that are damaging to regular characters' sanity will help hers recharge - things like being near monsters, eating monster food, picking or being near evil flowers, using the wormhole, etc. are all a good way to get some of her tentative mental health to return! Combat, especially landing killing blows on monsters and bosses, is REALLY good at restoring her sanity.

She's a high-stress balancing act. High risk, high reward! She's able to handle all of your group's combat needs, with a few quirks.

Kira's unique inventory item is actually a secondary form! It's her cybernetics/wires. They're a short-range, unbreakable combat item, but utilizing them will cost health - and if you stop using them for a minute or two, you'll incur the health cost again. It is possible to kill her by spending your last bit of health this way... but that's fine, because for most standard forms of death, she'll (eventually) revive at the cost of a bit of time (which can be dangerous at night) and some durability from your equipped items/inventory. The revival happens with exception of very specific deaths, like drowning/death at sea or starvation, which will be permanent and game-ending. It functions identically to how canonical Kira does. If there's nothing of her left, or she cannot regenerate into a livable state, she will stay dead.

Kira's combat strength comes with a catch. If you allow her sanity to dip too low in a multiplayer game, you'll lose control of her, and she'll attack anything in range. This includes your friends. She's a persistence predator and will happily continue chasing the closest target until she sees another, closer target or kills the initial target. At this point, you may as well take your hands off of the keyboard. The only way to regain control is by letting her kill something.

I think her normal voice in Don't Starve would probably be a soft mezzo piano, but if her sanity falls into a critical state, she changes over to discordant piano clanging. I like to think that if you tried to get her to inspect anything in that state, her text lines would be different, too! Ie normally, she'd call a rabbit "adorable and harmless, it's worth protecting", at a critical sanity level, she'll say something more akin to, "PATHETIC, WORTHLESS CREATURE". It's a complete tonal shift. Her "I'm on my way to murder everyone" form probably looks visibly different than her normal weapons-out form (maybe even slightly differently animated), so you'd have some degree of early warning and could feasibly just book it out of there and hope she finds something else to hurt!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk!
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Something a little bit moodier!

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