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Yay! This is one of my favorite events! Who doesn't love a little extra collab on top of our already collaborative writing hobby? And who doesn't love creating new characters? Okay, I may just have a problem. But still! Let's do this thing!

This year I'm looking for help with a character I've bee4n rolling around in my head for a while. The requirements are:

1. A non-human/alien species

2. That communicates solely via wordless song/singing/music

3. A science based profession

Tell me about the species! What do they look like? What is their culture? Tell me about the character? Who are they and what do they do? What's their home planet/native habitat like? Details! Details! Details!

Claine Moderator

I can see this going two ways-
My first thought was an insectoid race such as a cricket which sings via vibrations.

But you know what else sings (and are perhaps a little more attractive XD)
I quite like the song of magpies we have down here in Aus
What an intriguing idea!

As far as her species goes I'd suggest an aquatic based life form maybe? Perhaps one that evolved from something along similar lines to oceanic mammals on earth?

Considering her species I was thinking that a planet covered in vast oceans dotted with small archipelagos might make sense. They came up out of the sea, but still consider it partially to be their home? Or maybe they never left?

So I'd suggest a few different things for her profession. While it isn't purely scientific, perhaps she could be an anthropologist of sorts who is fascinated with music from other species? Another idea would be that she is a marine biologist and wants to explore the waters of many worlds.

I can probably cook up more if you need it!
Hmmm it's not a ton of detail in how it'd work because I'm not smart enough for that, but I like the idea of a species that communicates through music like that setting up things in society to run off of harmonic resonance, using different sound frequencies for mundane things like turning on electronics (like how now you can tell Alexa to turn on the lights only they'd emit a frequency that would turn on the lights, higher or lower to dim them etc. I dunno!) or unlocking doors and whatnot.

Maybe some of them are capable of much higher or lower frequencies than others and so there are specialized jobs that require those. Could have a social element too, higher or lower frequency capabilities could be seen as more desirable and the opposite as less.

Their method of communication along with the possibility of an aquatic habitat like Rivine suggested could lend itself well to a society that uses sound in a lot of the ways we use light, I think.
1. Tentacle hair. Like medusa but octopus like tentacles that are prehensile.

2. Inter-galactic Medical Science Liaison.
Kim Site Admin

Brainstorming with the fam:

Quadrapedal species with additional arms, an extremely long, tapering neck. Their body shape is sort of giraffe-like. There are sets of vocal cords all the way up the neck. Some of them are really long, some of them are really short, which forms a sort of vocal pipe organ. This allows them to form complicated chordal meanings, and have entire sentences in a single series of notes. It varies from sounding like a double bass up to a zither. They can have long, drawn out notes, or single notes, so they can have very complicated conversations using a lot of different vocal techniques.

They have thick, shaggy fur on their bodies, which goes green in the spring, but the outer layers dry out like thatch in the summer. The thick coat keeps them warm in the extended autumnal and winter periods of the home planet. In antiquity, their thick body fat kept them from dying from malnutrition in the winter.

As a species, they invented the microwave before the invented the internal combustion engine, because they have such an intuitive understanding of waves. This has translated not just to an excellent understanding not just of sound, but of light as well.

Maybe this one is a scientist whose study on harmonics has a strong bearing on their understanding of material sciences?
Ellovala (played by Dndmama) Topic Starter

Okay! She is still a work in progress but here we go! Ellovala (name may change as I flesh out her species more) is a Star Siren from Planet 827-N3. Yes her species does have a name for themselves in their own language as well as a name for their planet but since none of it is pronounceable by any other sentient beings, they have been given Core dialect names/designations for simplicity's sake. Hope you all like what you are seeing so far and honestly if you want to weigh in on any details you see or can think of other things I can add feel free to do so. Just cause the even is over doesn't mean the fun needs to end!

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