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I'm opening up PWYW (Pay What You Want) Commissions again for loose character sketches. The minimum price is $15.

- Other than a basic mood, and the character, all other elements of the sketch will be decided by me.
- The level of detail and size of the image will be based on the amount of work that can be done within the price point provided.
- Limit of up to 2 characters per image.
- ETA from the start of the sketch 1-2 business days.
- Payments are to be made upfront at the time of the commission. No commission slots will be reserved without payment.

1) Filled
2) Filled
3) Filled
4) Filled
5) Filled
6) Filled

Here are some examples of the work you may expect...

Claine Moderator

Wow those filled up fast :D
Kruhee Topic Starter

Claine wrote:
Wow those filled up fast :D

Oh yeah sorry, IDK why or how it was written as full, but they aren't! XD User error on my end. LOL
Can I get a slot please? ❤️
Kruhee Topic Starter

CelestinaGrey wrote:
Can I get a slot please? ❤️

Of course!
Kruhee Topic Starter

I'll be opening up 3 more PWYW slots if anyone is interested! :)
Kruhee Topic Starter

Two more slots have been taken, there are two left.
Kruhee Topic Starter

One more slot taken, one left.
Cass Moderator

May I take a slot? :)
Kruhee Topic Starter

Cass wrote:
May I take a slot? :)

Sorry! I missed this reply! If you still want one done I'm opening up more and you certainly may be the first to take one.
Kruhee Topic Starter

I'm opening up 5 more slots of PWYW Commissions.

- Open 1
- Open 5

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