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So, I've currently got a decent number of partners from an RP ad I've posted, and I'm wondering whether I'd be able to reopen it if I closed it now, but wanted to find more takers later. Would that be possible, or is a closed topic closed for good? Would I need to request mod help to get it reopened? Please let me know, I've never had to reopen an old thread before. :>
Kim Site Admin

Yes, you can for sure reopen a closed thread. :)
ogle Topic Starter

Awesome, thank you, Kim! Good to know. :D
If you go under the 'Find RP' menu tab, there will be a 'Past RP Ads' link where you can re-open old RP request threads. I believe you can open and close then at will. :)
ogle Topic Starter

Oh that's great!!! I had been wondering if we could see our past threads, but I hadn't known if it was a silly thing to ask. XD Thank you Dawnia!

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