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I'm nosy, so I'm highly curious as to this subject. If you know, when did your partner fall for you? Or, when did you fall for them? (if you're not together, I'm still curious!)
Also, what's your favorite original RP love story? I'm not only curious about why/how they fell in love, but when!!
When? It took about a week of talking on the Internet after meeting once and one other weekend together.
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Abigail_Austin wrote:
When? It took about a week of talking on the Internet after meeting once and one other weekend together.

Aww that's great!!!
I don't know when he fell for me exactly, it all went pretty quick haha
We met on discord actually lol when i joined a server he had also recently joined, and it was quite random that we started talking. We just seemed to mactch weirdly well and just couldn't get enough of talking to each other. After 1 week we decided to make it an official relationship. That was now over 5 years ago!
We met 1 month later on a vacation, i was on one with my family and he was on one with his brother(i might have half jokingly suggested they went to where i was going and it ended up happening lmao)
and since then we see each other 1-3 times a year and are working towards closing the distance. Luckily we're in the same timezone so could be way worse!

We actually just had a small trip to Norway together while he was visiting me^^ was really fun, lots of cute sheep and pretty nature!
Ohhh.... well, being I have only this year gotten into a (new) relationship, all this is fresh in my head.

When did your partner fall for you? - My partner says he 'fell' for me the day he met me. He is an EMT and brought in a car accident patient to the emergency room where I was working at the time. We talked some but it was all business. Me, I had no clue he was interested in me and I didn't even think about him after that as there are a lot of Fire/EMTs who come in.

When did you fall for them? - Here is where things developed... As part of my daily routine, I take walks or runs in the morning before I get ready for work. I was staying at a co-workers house (parked my RV in their back driveway) and would walk/run the mile to a local espresso stand and back. It turned out he lived in a house about two blocks away from where I was living, and one morning about a week after that meeting at the ER, he was getting home from a graveyard shift and recognized me as I walked by. We had about a half-hour chat on the sidewalk, and I ended up turning around and going back home because I ran out of time to get to and from the espresso stand and get ready for work.

Well, the disruption of my routine and my not getting my caffeine sort of put me in a grouchy mood at work. Of course why I was grumpy is because he had prevented me from getting that coffee, so I was thinking of him all day at work. At first, I was a bit annoyed at him for an hour or so even though he was just being neighborly with the chat and wasn't really trying to pick up on me. But after I had some 'work' coffee (meh) I pondered our conversations both that morning and at the ER. He was pretty darn good looking.

Anyway, I baked some cookies a couple days later and took most of them over to his house to give to him to share with his firehouse comrades. We had another chat, and we started getting coffee together, then went out to dinner later, and now I have moved into his house with him! It's been a few months now and though I look for red flags in relationships due to past experience, I have had none. I just told my good friend on Discord the other day that he is 'a keeper'. :D Still remains to be seen where we go from here, but overall, he's been really good for my life and both physical and mental wellbeing. We've been going hiking a lot this summer which is something I hardly ever done before, and we go to events together like concerts and arts shows. Yes, I am happy!

What's your favorite original RP love story? I'm not only curious about why/how they fell in love, but when!! - I don't tend to write mushy love stories in my RPs. There is usually some angst and conflict and such. I guess my favorite would be the backstory for my characters Daniel and Nina Phelps. Things are a bit rough now that they are middle-aged, but still, I like how I developed the story. The 'when' of that relationship is the tropish 'girl meets boy in junior high school and they stay together ever since' fairy tale. The 'why' is she thought he was cute and sweet, and he thought she was fun and foxy. University was the first strain on their relationship, but they married and were happy until tragedy struck in their mid-twenties.

As for roleplays between different writer's characters, there has been one developing slowly between one of my characters and one of my friend's characters. The whole thing got started in an informal group-type thing of multiple intwined stories between multiple characters from multiple writers. My particular character in this is a friend of one of my 'main' characters and started off as an NPC 'wingman' sort. Their character is the 'little sister' to my main character, and the 'friend' character got interested in his friend's little sister. It's a fun story but it has progressed slowly due to the things that interfere with writing RP, which is life. At this point in their story, they are 'boyfriend/girlfriend', but she is off to university and he is doing some acting jobs so they haven't really spent a lot of time together.

Oh my.. I kind of got long-winded on this! XD
This whole topic is kinda cheesy, but heck, whatever, I'll respond because maybe I'm cheesy too.
I don't know when my girlfriend fell for me, and honestly, I don't know when I fell for her, either. I only know when I actually realized; I definitely discovered my feelings long after they were already there. Anyway, not going to get into specific details, but there was a time when something terrible happened in my life, probably the worst thing I've experienced, and the way she helped and supported me through that time (and every other rough time, too)... well, I appreciate it more than I could ever put into words. I knew I loved her then, because she's just such a beautiful, positive presence, and I don't know where I would be without her. I'm sure I loved her before, but that moment was the one where I knew it.
So... yeah. Hades, if you're reading this, uh, know you're not, you definitely aren't seeing me be mushy, and I definitely didn't cry writing this, what are you talking about? :P
Oh, and as for RP love stories... I don't really do those? My girlfriend and I do have two characters who are evil criminal murder lesbians who adopted a fuzzy demon child, and considering that's my only experience with any kind of romance in an RP... it's also my favourite? The characters basically went from chaotic friends to chaotic girlfriends; they were both humans who got turned into demons by eating suspicious fruit, so they bonded over that. They're both the worst, I love them. But RPs with them aren't extremely romantic all the time, it's usually just them beating people up and stealing furniture and eating fried chicken. Which probably sounds like someone's ideal date anyway XD

My sister did over an internet game, but she knew him from school. She couldn’t go out very much because of me. They forget their anniversary every year.
we met on gaia roleplay, emailed kvetching politics and history, got those DEEP conversations cos we both worked an idle overnight gig and had nothing else to answer to but this neat new stranger on the internet for one another

i guess i knew the moment i loved her our first weekend vacation that i flew in for. i got a single bed cos it was her town i assumed she would sleep at her home, but after a dinner conversation and a deeply fascinating trip to an esteemed art and anthropology museum, she invited herself for slumber party!

i still tease her about this, six years later, like heynow i coulda been buffalo bill u didn't know me lol (she knew me. she had my number. i was assassinated, skewered by her perception.)

i loved her because she was trusting and honest, two things that often build off one another into a fortification of sincerity! the slumber party was rad, we watched youtube animators and ate gourmet delivery and gushed about the friends we loved and wanted each other to know.

i always knew i liked her; even when we disagreed the conversation would follow a quest for greater understanding instead of a fight for superior correctness and what's not to like abt that??

but i knew i loved her when i found out i could feel like a kid again around her, fascinated by new animation humor and comic drama and theater gig ecclesia, full throttle cringe in excellent company, laughing so hard my joints ached.

my favorite roleplay character partnerhood was my first, a couple of mine and another illustrator's ocs from before i even knew what freestyle roleplay was (and aspired to write books)! i got so many good friendships and a lifelong hobby out of that story swap, even though i thought it was so goofy and so transgressive at the time, lol

i'm in an LDR also with a fellow gaian (lmao hi, oven, isn't that weird?)

my boyfriend told me he knew day one, immediately, that he liked me. he sent me a PM to talk about art and how much he liked my little yucky witch avatar. and i can very much echo that. ive never had men treat me with respect and genuine interest the way he did. i am a sorehearted person just generally but the abuse was not good and it made me feel like i only had one thing to offer, one thing that everything always seemed to reduce down to. he never acted like he thought that of me, never has ever treated me that way, and has only ever appreciated Me, in my totality. not just the way i look or what i can give him.

so that was a stark contrast to every other male friend or 'potential partner' i'd ever had (he is my first actual boyfriend). and i just continuously became more comfortable until we were calling every night, watching stuff together, talking. i fell fully very quickly at that point, the sweet way he has always been with me was reserved and shy at the time but still very evident. so kind to me that im crying thinking about it, i can't encompass to you how purehearted and thoughtful of a person he is and how he has made me feel actually human.

he has been there for me through bad illness and my brain attacking me, through things too intimate to share. and he is the first person to ever do things for me and not make me feel like i owe him, or should feel like im inconveniencing him. it is honestly wild to me that he just wants to. because he loves me. crazy, crazy, crazy. i love him.

in terms of rp ive had a blast writing romance before but the 2 partners i ever really did it with in a very very inspiring and intense manner projected on me OOC and conflated the characters, i guess, as us as people. one of them stalked me afterward for over a year. the other was just... not as good of a person as i thought. both were disastrous and left me with a really bad sense of anxiety over that kind of roleplay. but im unwinding it and finally feel comfortable enough to try again. i still think fondly on the writing, it holds a lot of nostalgia for me even though the epilogues were sour.

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