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Tsubaki Hayashi (played anonymously)

((Open to everyone. Open to villains, heroes, students, and Regular people too.))

A boy with ice colored hair, a lip ring and facial scars sat in a seedy bar flipping news Chanels, Shield Lion does it again, Some pros have their eye on the Prince of Shields already. Shield Lion a shoe in. Prince of shields too young, too risky? A new hot topic shield Lion’s abilities to cool for school, Should he be a pro?

The teen bit his lip his eyes growing crazier. He chucked the remote into the screen, breaking it.

That Golden two shoes. His abilities ranked already. He was a hack. Ice surrounded the teen. He’ll prove it.

Back in the Dorms at UA

This stunk, confined forced to do school inside away from his peers, all because of a new celebrity status that had people seeing stars.

They were afraid that the class could be targeted. That he would be targeted. He didn’t mean to explode in popularity. His abilities already ranked. It was a mess. “I want to be in a classroom,” he sulked.

Tsubaki leaned back at least he was still allowed outings given there was a reason, and tight supervision.
( hay there friend mind if I join I don’t know a lot about mah other then it’s a school for superheroes basically lol)
Tsubaki Hayashi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((Feel free))
( alright sweet my character will have like plant based powers and he is like half human half lepord oh and how exactly should this start if you don’t mind me asking

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