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What to do:Type a short(or long) poem about a character of yours.Rather it describes their life, or personality, or even an ability.


•Outcasted from the world, and gone without a trace.Never leaving a warning that you've came and gone with pace.(Benjamin played by Rhythm)

•A flame of pure light, but most never see, the beauty that lies behind this unexpectency.They say its evil, a disgrace to mankind, unholly, and fit for the devils devine.It may be destructive, and out of control to, but who are we to judge the innocence in you? (Jodie played by Rhythm )

•Hear the melodies through the trees,whisping, whisping with the breeze, The sound of heavens harmony's upon us, the flutes majastical, musical wonder.(Hope played by Rhythm)

:P you don't have to be a master poet (XD man I know I'm not). But try to have fun!- and creative!

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I'm awake, but all i see is darkness.
My heart hurt's But i accept the pain.
my Soul pleads for help, but no help comes.
I'm cold, but i can find no warmth.
Darkness is everywhere, Even in my mind.
Is this the path I truly want?, but I cant turn back.
As the day's pass i fell myself slipping, more and more into the darkness.
my body burns, but i only ignore the pain.
Who am I?, What am I?
Will i ever find the light again?, or be trapped in darkness forever?
Is it true? Everything i was ever told is a Lie? , what is there to live for if that is the case?
Can no body here my cries? Or douse nobody care.
I'm confused, i am lost, I am trapped.

(( about two years ago Audric in a Starwars RP ended up turnning to the darkside and this is the feelings he has when it happen ))
Nashyll (played by Zelphyr)

Once a smile and blue eyes
Long before the lost goodbyes
Before you burst, dis-aligned
Before you had reason to cry

An endless dream of security
Shattered by the chance to be
You only wanted to be free
But now you bring them misery

The dark whirlpool will take you
The hurricane shall break you
What could you ever do?
You must remain in solitude

((Already soon to be outdated though.))
Buster (played by Warwick)

Roses are red, violets are blue, Im a Dinosaur so Rawr means I love you.
Daedrin (played by Tashesto)

Don't know who to trust, - I've known people all my life - And now they're all gone.

(Hell yeah, Haiku!)
Aranel Galeantara (played anonymously)

Ensnared by walls of stone and malice,
And forced to wander through the halls.
You come to learn that you're like Alice,
Now trapped inside this rabbit hole.

The Rabbit smiles a curious grin;
You know not the secrets he keeps.
The lovely White Queen, dressed up so grim
Shares her love as she shares her sweets.

The Mad Hatter tucks himself away,
Afraid of leaving his quarters.
And the Red Queen, in her bed she lays,
Hands on your bell as her life grows shorter.

The looking glass is your enemy here,
Each wrapped and hidden away.
Don't try to pull them off, my dear,
It's already too late.

"You stupid girl, you've doomed us all!"
He says with rage, with sorrow.
"Please don't worry," you try to call,
"We may even leave tomorrow."

But you know that's false, Aranel, dear.
Don't you see what you've done?
The contract's signed, you've trapped them here,
There's no where left you can run.

The castle was built for torment and struggle,
Its rifts are nothing new.
Before you came and began to meddle,
There were others just like you.
Tertius (played anonymously)

The Eye Makes Me Want
All That The Mind Can Not Fathom
Triangles Are My Way Out
follow your heart
follow your heart listen to your dreams anything is possible the magic is in you set it free tell me you can and show me you will nothing can stop you no one is perfect no one can judge you never change I believe in me and that's all I wanna be BELIEVE
jukilo (played by jaykob)

umm I cant realy do poem but I can make a rap

Im so exquisite when I rip it im tearin it up even when it is enough,
im the domon inside ill show up in the night and how would that protect its just a small knife and no matter what you do I will not die no my brain aint right, but ill make you die of fright.
im brilliant killing a million people a minute until the world is diminished.

does that count

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