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High society had never spared in grandeur whwn it came to exclusive events, and the Grand Autumn Gala held by the Aliprandi Clan was no exception. Old blueblood nobility, aristocrats from every part of all the worlds that were, the wealthy and the celebrities had all been invited to one of the Clan's many palaces, an imposing manor overlooking a sprawling garden that covered the bulk of a hill crest.

Vehicles drove past the gilded cages and up a path flanked by elegantly hedged lawns, up to the grandiose parking lot from which a golf lawn could be glimpsed in the distance. A cobbled courtyard led to the marble entrance. Inside the large hall, two rows of majestic marble handrauls framed smooth, glass-paned escalators that coiled around a circular pool and toon guests to the upper floors, where large halls beckoned minglimg, dances, casual or business talk, social interaction and the classical music score as performed by some elegantly dressed orchestras, strategically placed so as to guarantee the best reasonance in every corner of every hall. Vadt buffet tables had been set up with chalices and flutes of prized winws, as well as an assortmentbof hors d'oeuvres. Everything inside screamed fabulous wealth, old money and modern fashion, luxury and prestige, in a dazzling caleidoscipe of marbles, gold, silver, polished wood, silk, velvet drapery, linen tablecloths, Persian rugs, crystal chandeliers, diamonds and gemstones.

On one of the vast terraces overlooking the garden, Count Anastasio nursed a high quality brandy while he surveyed the coming and goings in the parking lot below. Many of the guests were already crowding the upper floor, scattered between the dance halls and the balconies, while some were still lingering at the entrance or just arriving.

A smug smirk curved the old patriarch's lips. Everything was going to be just fine, as always during the Clan's events.


OOC NOTES - Read before joining!

Welcone aboard, and glad that this little RP idea got your attention! The occasion, as you can read from the starter, is s gala held by the Aliprandi Clan. The setting is "soft futuristic", but charactera from modern time as well as other realities can join as well. However, a few ground rules:

1) Who is invited? Everyone who is part of aristocracy, wealthy, high society or ultra famous. Nobles current or decayed, Heads of State, wealthy business people, millionaires, young heirs and heiresses, diplomats, the star system, high representatives of military corps or clergy: if it's high profile, it has received an invite. This does not mean that a guest might not invite a less-wealthy "plus other" to show them the world of these high society get togethers, but all the official invitations would be only sent out to the "filthy rich".

2) Theme / Setting: As mentioned, the setting is modern/futuristic. You MAY bring in noble / aristocratic charscters from other worlds / times as visoting representatives travelling through portals, but remember it would be a modern and technological world they would find themselves in, things that their originsl world/s might not be familiar with.

3) This is a formal event, meaninv there will be mingling, ballroom dances and live music played by an orchestra. Etiquette and dress code will be expected. Nothing forbids that younger OCs might find the atmosphete stifling and make plans to go in a club or disco or anything more up their alley after they leave, but this RP will follow the course of the gaka as it unfolds (of course, your OCs can call themselves out early, but if they do not pay their respects to the hosts before leaving it will be noticed and commented upon. Bored high class folks love to gossip!

4) Post length / type: I don't expect you to write a novel but PLEASE no one-liners, try to at least put together a paragraph or two, this is a literate RP and narrative posts help to make sure everyone feels involved and everyone's creative input is respected.

5) OC interactions: You may interact freely with other OCs but slways be respectful of other players, this is meant to be fun for everyone. Interactions can be IC ou AU for your character/s as you prefer. I will throw in several of my Clan chars and possibly a few others OCs.

6) Post order: At least in the beginning I will leave it free, however if there should be too much machine gunning posts I will warn everyone about a posting order and update the intro here, just to make sure that no one's replies get lost or overlooked.

7) IC =/= OOC, remember any interaction between chatscters should be true to the characters personalities and attitude and do not reflect in any way the dynamics between players. Character A and B might dump each other in the middle of a dance but it does not mean the players dislike each other, character C might have animosity toward character D but it does not mean the player of C dislikes character D or their player. Let's keep fiction snd reality separate, please.

This is all I can think of, though if more questions turn up or any explanation is lacking I will update this intro ASAP.

Also, fair warning: I live in Italy and am not goinv through an easy time so I might not be online all the time or post every single day. But I will do my best to keep this party going and answer to posts as soon as possible.

I think that's all for now! Have fun and party away!.:)
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

While not originally from this world his partner was and they had explored it briefly, enough to learn various habits and the people, their society and how things roughly operated. He’d managed to get his partner to hire an expensive form of transport to take him to and from the venue along with someone who could actually drive. The beast knew ‘chimera’s’ or animal-people, whatever this world called them were kept at a distance and to see one that was a combination of creatures was a rare sight. As such he wasn’t sure how the elite would react or respond to him but it was worth the laugh to try his luck. He needed some time out of the house from the pups and spent the night having fun, even if it was upsetting rich people.

Easily he could be classed as ‘Filthily rich' in his home world and with a partner owning large amounts of property-soon-to-be-hotel in this world he reckoned he could stand on his own two hooves and mingle with the bluebloods unless their xenophobia got the better of them.

As the vehicle rolled up a small fog spell was cast just to add an overdramatic effect when he stepped out, hamming up the performance on purpose even if he knew it was over the top and cheesy, that was the point.
Yaaz would have broken out a little fancy backless number if he had lost more weight by now but nevertheless he still dressed to impress. Wavy, iridescent hair tied into a high pony tail and left to cover his whole back down to the start of his tail. Teal and gold jacket was open at the front with a black shirt and pants and a gold belt to match his earrings and hand jewellery. Hooves shined and trimmed to perfection click clacked up the marble stairs to the front door.

Now he’d have to see what was going to happen.
Aliprandi Clan (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

Naturally the sudden coils of fog turned mord than one curious head, and as the wandering beast emerged from the vehicle several of those who were arriving or lounging at the ebtrance regarded Yaaz's arrival with interest and hushed whispers. Some glances were just plaim curious, others betrayed uneasiness, others still seemed awestruck. Clearly this wasn't a familiar face and the fact he might be from another world was going to be the subject of many excited whispers, a prince from another realm? A representative? Even those who seemed ill at ease would not openly voice their qualms before figuring out who the guest was.

The buzz of whispers was suddenly brokem by a formidable female voice that Yaaz might sadly remember. "Sir? Excuse me, sir??" A lady with dark hair bundled in an elegant bun and sharp visor like green glasses, wearing a high fashion dark blue frock and lots of jewelry, hastened on the steps toward him. On one hand she clutched a fan with gold trimmings and peacock feathers: the othrr hand was clutched around the wrist of a kimono-clad figure with long hair and an all too familiar kitsune mask, who looked glum and like she'd much rather be in any other place at all.

"I apolologize for being impromptu about it-" the woman with the fan was a little breathless, "-but some time ago I met a graceful but unfortunate lady from your same... heritage who waa victum of the unsolicited and unwelcome attentions of asome wannabe fashion imposter--", nevermind the fact that her fashion attentions had been the MOST ubsolicited amd unwelcome, "-- and of course I immediately recognized the traots of a similar kin as yourself, even if you taje way better care of your fabulous person that that poor woman did..."

Fortunately for all involved, before she could ramble on she was interrupted by a surprised exclamation from the fox-masked younger woman.
Light Raygun (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

'I want to go home, I want to gome, if I keeo repeating it perhaps I'll wake up to find myself at home and this will only be a bad dream...'

Cris's thoughts about Clan parties and galas had not changed of an inch since the time when she was a five-years-old dragged from ball to social event to boring high class dibber against her will. Fortunately these days the mask concealed her insofferent expression, but her eyes had glazed more and more as Aunt Laudomia ranted and chided her about how she could try to dress a little prettier for a gala. When her aunt spotted someone in the crowd and dragged her down the steps, Cris rolled her eyes expecting it would be some fashion critic or stylist or supermodel that her aubt thought she absolutely had to know...

It wasn't until they xame to a halt that she realized who the victim of Laudomia's speech was. She blinked behind the mask to make sure she wasn't inagining this??

"Yaaz???" She exclaimed, in a mix of surprise and relief. Her exclanation cut short Laudomia's rambles and her aunt looked at her in confusion, but Cris was so glad for at least ONE familiar face she could talk with that she paid her no attention. "I had no idea you'd be attending too! You look great!! How are Curly and tge kids?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

Yaaz stood there, soaking in the attention with a smirk on his face and the occasional hair lift like he was in a shampoo commercial. That was until he heard a horrible shrill voice getting louder. It was that insufferable ‘fashion’ woman that assaulted him back before he returned to normal. This had become a regular thing were people assumed that the woman they previously interacted with was either his sister or some sort of family member. He maintained a polite enough smile to keep the frivolous old bat happy while she nattered on about something he cared nothing for. At least she called him graceful, that was something.

As Cris recognised him he approached and took her hand gently, kissing the back of it and bowing. “Good Evening my dear, I figured it would be a wise idea to do some networking what with the manor opening shortly.” he smiled a bit too wide for the human-ish face. “Curly is watching the babies tonight with Lav and Dahlia, we’re all doing great.” He looked to Cris, then the old lady as if to say 'do you know this woman?'
Light Raygun (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

Cris's eyes smiled behind the mask with the expression of a long suffering bird whose cage has finally been opened allowing it to fly free. "Oh, is the official opening going to be soon? Let me know the exact date, I'd love it if you could all come over to my place to celebrate! I'm really curious to visit the hotel, I only saw the old manor a couple times in the past..." when she had asked Leonard to help guide Janine - and herself - through childbirth at a time when neither could really see a real doctor, but she would not speak around Laudomia of the circumstances around her third baby's birth. That she had carried out a pregnancy and delivered her youngest ubersrknown to the Clan was something Count Anastasio still resented... even if Cris had had her damn good reasons.

Catching his glance to Laudomia earned a sympathetic grimace. Placing her hand on Yaaz's elbow she directed their steps toward the courtyard D aid quickly: "Come with me, I'll show you the pool garden, it's on the other side before the golf lane!" and under her breath, almost imploringly: "Let's get away from my aunt..."
Aliprandi Clan (played by cri86titanium) Topic Starter

Laudomia's head kept turning from Yaaz to Cris like a ventriloquist puppet, with her most incredulous "Nani????" expression which grew more and more peeved with each passing minute.

At first she tried to interject: "You know this gentl--?" "You two have met-?" "I'm afraid I don't--" but kept finding herself cut off as they conversed like old friends, sometimes about the colorful stranger's children and a hotel and a celebration and a manor?? What was going on?? Laudomia wanted to scream in frustration, she had intended to make a grand impression and found herself in the proverbial corner!!

As if that wasn't enough her niece then offered to show the surroundings to the newcomer and started leading the way down the stairs. "You don't even introduce me - -?" Laudomia wanted to protest, not aware that Yaaz already knew her from beforehand: at the same time showomv the guest around was a sign of respect to the family wealth so sè had to bite off the protest. Her knuckles were white around the fan and she snapped it open and started fanning herself indignantly, her eyes gazing at the retreating pair with all the peevishness of a spoiled high society brat who had her moment of glory ruined.

It was outrageous! Outrageous, that was the word!!
Ngao (played by Samiakki)

Spoiled high society brats weren't Ngao's idea of good company, but what else were you surrounded by when you were the top benefactor of the president of the Tritonic Consortium, Lord Janolus of the Chi Riverbed? The Aliprandi clan might take great interest in Janolus' various shares, which included part of a freshwater pearl company. Or perhaps they already had, given his association with Atlantic trade companies among humans. For better or for worse - the wealthy were often that way from ruthlessness and Lord Janolus was no exception.

Therefor, when the invite was sent to Janolus' palace, Ngao was sent as his representative. Perhaps seen a potential slight upon the clan, as it would be considered such among merfolk of the Sea Kingdom, but it was Janolus' way of saying, 'Let's watch first.' In Ngao's mind, it felt more like, 'We're not ready.' Then again, humans were finicky and would likely not take to the aggressive tactics of merfolk very well. So, obviously, they needed to send someone no higher than a gladiator.

However, Ngao was of a specific pedigree, or so thought. Among the merfolk, there were whispers of shapeshifter lineage in their blood, but it didn't show at all. Not in their black and orange scales; not in their large yet delicate halfmoon tail; not in their perfectly poised heels growing naturally from the backs of their feet. Thus, when they stretched a long, muscular leg out to step out of the white limousine, eyes were on them for a different reason. Their appearance was ethereal, carrying the refined, ironic elegance of a fighting fish, even on land. Their gown is long and black, featuring slits down the sides for both legs and a wide off-the-shoulder collar for their pectoral fins. It was not decorated by much other than a wave pattern at the collar and on a belt above their wide hips, simply bringing out the merfolk's natural colors.

The first thing they witness with their faceless gaze in the courtyard is the dismay of Laudomia, which honestly looked to Ngao like something petty had just happened. Off to a great start, it seemed. Considering it would be worse off to ignore her, Ngao stepped up to the woman and dipped their head in greeting as well as respect, their hand to to their own chest.

"My lady." Their voice was a deep tenor, but somehow it didn't make any sense. Initially, that is; the sound reverberated in the mind and became a part of the language Laudomia thought in soon enough. Then, they dared to ask, "Are you alright?"
Yaazecsus (played by Leighoflight)

Offering his arm for her to take Yaaz happily wanders off with Cris away from the entrance and the awfully dreadful lady. “Honestly…she’s insufferable….Tell me why you haven’t cut all ties with these people?” he understood they could be useful from a financial perspective but the dramatics seemed tiresome. “I plan to do a fair about of advertising while I am here, a resort for a literal magical experience and more than a few heavy pockets to lighten I am sure.” he smirked.
Grabbing a champagne and some small nibbles in passing on their way to the pool garden. “How did you get caught up in all of this hmm?”

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