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Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* after the evac plane Chrash Max was distorted and confused so he crawled out of the wreckage to hopefully find some more survivors as then a flair shot up in the air and Max decided to go to it to see who shot it off * max: dame I'm just glad this plane didn't end up like flight 180 * he chuckled to himself climbing threw the wreckage * ( this role play takes place in hell-a so go ahead enjoy the blistering heat beautiful beaches and plenty of man-eating zombies in all different forms like the game has so just join in if you plan on having your next vacation in HELL-A
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420) Topic Starter

* Max would then be right outside where the flair was shot but as he would climb up on some wreckage a zombie catches him by surprise When he put his hand up causing the zombie to have a vulnerable part so max would groan in pain but then would find a piece of metal and bashed the zombie's skull in * max: asshole * he said getting up and seeing the bite his body felt od but he would procided further finding a small group of survivors one of them being an actrice and her secretary/ bodyguard and a poperotsy he would conversate with them for a minute *
actricce: Hay, were getting out of here to bel air you should come with us

max: really and you've hardly known me * he chuckled like the smart ass he was *

actricce: oh shut up we need the help here * she then takes maxes arm that wasn't bitten and writes the address of the house before running off with the secretary and the properotsy

max: well then guess i kn- * max was then cut off by the gorans of zombies that were closing in on him as he would then pick up a paice of the landing gear of the plane and uses it as a sledge hammer
Maxthecoolcat420 Topic Starter

this is still open ovbiesly lol someone pls join lol :p
Maxthecoolcat420 Topic Starter

this still needs alot of prople lol so just join however you want

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