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Kim Site Admin

So, since the RPR is on Bluesky now, it occurred to me that we might have users here who also want to be on Bluesky but are locked out for want of an invite code. I thought we should start an offer/request topic here. :)

So -- let us know if you need a code, or if you have a code to give! I might have a few myself to give out every once in awhile :D
I have a couple invite codes I don't mind tossing around here if anyone wants them! Should I just leave them here?
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

You could. I'm a little cautious about posting them openly in case a bot scrapes them.
I’m on Blusky thanks to a streamer and friend I moderate for, and I’ve got 5 codes to spare! My direct messages are open, if anybody wants one—same feelings as Kim, I don’t want a bot to grab them out in the open.
Auberon Moderator

I am drowning in bluesky codes that I can't get rid of. If anyone is interested, feel free to reach out in DMs.

Before you follow me back, though (the invite will give you the option), please be aware that my accounts are both strictly 18+. You do not have to be 18+ to snag a code, but please respect that boundary. :)
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

It's working! I gave a couple out yesterday :D
Oh! May I ask for a code? >_> It may be helpful to advertise my art. Thanks in advance!

I have 5 codes i can give to ppl!
Kim Topic Starter Site Admin

It looks like Bluesky announced this week that they are no longer requiring invite codes, so I think this topic may no longer be useful. XD

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