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SCP 590 (played anonymously)

Guidelines for this Open RP
(Please read SCP 590's file first, before trying to RP with him. The file was directly copy-and-pasted from the SCP Foundation's wiki website, with some extra BBCoding to make it look nice. Ask to join first, and try your best to fit the setting of the SCP Foundation, please <3)

TJ, or mostly known as SCP 590, was curled up in bed, watching a children's show on his television with curious eyes.

He seemed to be engrossed in the program the TV was playing, rather than coloring or playing with toys.
Aurora (played by Alliyus)

Subject Zero walked into his room, silent, barefoot. She eyed him with blood-red eyes. Her skin was as black and midnight, the epitome of a demon. She blinked. "They need you." A dark, deep voice came from the walls, ceiling, and roof.

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