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Memorable quotes, wise proverbs, witty short phrases, punchlines, catch-phrases, mottos, battle cries and iconic lines

Our characters are often times the words we write them as and it is language that gives them life and character. We see them in movies and comic books all the time, whether its the action hero blurting out a cheesy oneliner before taking out a goon or a lovable protagonist making their tell-tale utterance before embarking on another (mis)adventure. Surely your character must have a quote or two in there and the public demands to know them! be it words of wisdom or a silly cartoonish spew.

You can put in as many as you like.

For the purpose of this topic - it should be a concise phrase, sentence or word.
"The things I do for love..."
Pyro (played by randomentity777)

"I'm gonna protect you, okay? You can pet Piano if you want!"
Ciel (played anonymously)


(Yes, this is an actual quote from the show)
Marcus Leocadus (played by Tyranoth) Topic Starter


Petrax Iacrimas Phyros - And The Stone Shall Weep Fire (Before Siege)

Ad Vyvos Anámis Lykouses, Perteto Crescere Kontodentes - To Live Amongst Wolves, Necessitates Growing Fangs (Motto)

Rutorax Non Mergor - He Who Struggles Cannot Be Overwhelmed (lit. I swim, so I shall not drown)

Dante (played by FictionDragonborn)

"This party is getting crazy. Let's rock!"
DA ROCKZ (played by DumboOctopus)

"I rock! You rock! WE ROCK! No, wait?! WE ARE THE ROCKS!!!"
Spawn (played by FictionDragonborn)

"Hell awaits."
Raphael (played by Alliyus)

"Stay silent, keep moving. You'll make it out alive if you just shut up and listen to your guide."
--Raphael, The Sand Crawler/Guide.
Matt (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"Bring it on foes! I ain't afraid of you!"
Claude Gau (played by Jaws)

"I'm basically airport security's worst nightmare."
"Resigned to your Fate, I see."
Shi Hui (played anonymously)

“…I would make a perfect pawn for the chessboard of wits….or would you rather let your foolishness promote me to being the player…?”
Hala (played by Alliyus)

"Leadership, it's not just a word, you know. Leadership is a foundation to people who want to be led. An order is a word or few, but they are just words on its own. People don't need to follow, but they constantly do. Leadership is good, and people need to know more about it.
---Hala, Founder of the Kemet Leadership Foundation, Sand Crawler Divisions. Kemet, Egypt.

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