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AnonCarp (played anonymously)

Hypothetically if you were trying to use the 10 slots efficiently without limiting yourself to just 10 characters.

- Would you do one character per page? (5 pages per profile.)


- Write the character on a google doc and simply put the link to the character on the page? (Separate Males and Females/Humans or non humans/Something similar)
Claine Moderator

I've seen both but prefer the former, I don't like being expected to go off site :) Google Docs and other sites are often pretty clunky on my phone.
Hypothetically, you could do multiple characters per profile page if you wanted to. I've done that for pages of NPCs and family trees. So really the possibilities are endless.
I've done one character per page on, say, a selection of D&D type characters. I've gotten out of the practice lately, but if a rut of character inspiration hits me, I may do it again.

I tend to not link off-site or I do so sparingly. Mileage varies for how easy it is for people to view my links, and since I'm here, I also like to keep my character info centralized here too.
I've got a couple designated "group" profiles that hold multiple characters. I generally avoid this though. It's nice to have individual characters getting their own profile; I like being able to support this site so it can remain operational, by it by buying more slots or something or just not doing much to encourage using one profile for multiple characters too much; and having more characters in a profile can actually make some folks more reluctant to play with you in the first place.

In instances where I have done it, though, usually they're characters that go together in some way - such as partners who work together closely, or a family where one character is central and the others are extras to help me remember names and info and stuff for when it's relevant, or one where the characters were all for a specific setting offsite (and actually, one of them also has a separate profile of their own, and the grouped one is just a specific version of them). I do also have a messy profile that's kinda just characters I'm not sure what to do with; some I just don't have much to say about, others were only created to be basically NPCs that were important enough to write their info down somewhere and I just haven't removed them yet.

And then I'm also a silly person who has a couple "dead" profiles that are just old info storage right now, and one that's just for messing with CSS with, and two full profiles that are nothing but different versions of the same character.

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