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This may not be the place to ask this, but I’m new to this site and trying to figure out the advantage of playing a character anonymously. What is the benefit?
I have both public and anonymous characters here. For myself, it sometimes helps me to get into a character's headspace when they are anon., especially when I first create and RP them or they identify as a different gender than I do in RL.

I think anons can let people explore different character concepts without the stress or anxiety they might feel if people know who the user is behind them. They might also wish to explore characters or branch out to different types of RPs without worry of judgement.

If you are worried about possibly RPing with minors behind anons, there is an adult age verification some of us have on our profiles and it transfers to our anons and can be viewed if you click the info button at the very top of the character page after 'Connect' on the right. Understand that not all adults who RP have it and it is their right not to want to use it for private reasons.

The only downfall I have seen from using anons is that someone, even someone on your friend's list might block you out of the blue and you have no idea why. Blocking an anon will block all their characters, public or anon. Something I had not realized myself until recently.

Also if it helps, I have not been ghosted by people on anons more than I have by people who had their character being public. I don't think, at least in my experience, that people will tend to ghost you more if they use an anon. character.
Hello Stormiedayz! Welcome to RP Repository!
I don't think there is an advantage or disadvantage to an anonymous character. it's more a writer's personal preference. I know writers here who only use anons, and some who will not ever use anons. Most I think have both, like myself. If you're worried about the 17-/18+ adult barrier, it's best to make sure your account settings are set accordingly.

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