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Joot (played by Jooters)

Joot walks into the center of rpr wearing a fluffy king costume complete with a fluffy crown before slamming down a wooden table and a cardboard throne and climbing up to stand on the former.

"Greetings, citizens of RPR! I have an announcement to make!" Joot shouts, deepening his voice to sound more mature. "It is my sixth birthday today, everybody! Well... I have two birthdays actually... But this is the more important one!"

With a wave of his staff, the area gets littered with several birthday decorations. Balloons, streamers, as well as a large strawberry birthday cake with a candle in the shape of a six in the center.

"And so, the GREAT Jooters Blaccat will be accepting any and all gifts you may offer! Surely, the highest of honors one can have, no?" Joot says as he hops off the table and into the throne, sitting with his legs hanging off of the armrest.
Wish (played by Reithesniper)

Wish apppeared with a chuckle, as he sets down a present for him.. inside was two heavy spell books, since joot is a little bit of a wizard-
"Hey little one, I brought you a little something" He'd say smiling
Joot (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

Joot looked at them in surprise.
"Woaaaahhh! I can tell these are good!" He says picking up one of the books. "They're big and dusty! Just like the ones I see in cartoons! The pages are even yellow! Thank you mister!"
Ciel (played anonymously)

Someone was approaching, and it seemed..very obvious who it was, considering there was a bunch of sneezing.

"Joot- *sneeze* Happy birthday.." Ciel sniffled, his eye watering and his nose and face all red from his cat fur allergies. He handed Joot a white box with a bunch of pink and black ribbon on it.

Once Joot opened it, Ciel spoke up. "It's a Bitter Rabbit plush, from my.. *sneezes again* .. company." Ciel covered his mouth with a handkerchief as he sneezed.

Joot (played by Jooters) Topic Starter

Joor suddenly let out a scream of joy as he saw it before he gave it a tight hug.
"AAAAA SHES SO PRETTY!" Joot exclaimed. "Thank you so much Mister Ciel! She'll be a prized member of all my plushies!"

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