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Ixonia has just found out on March 15- her 18th birthday of all days!- that she is now homeless. She heads to school and talks with her councilor about what she was told who immediately called Child Protection Agency (CPA). The CPA receptionist sighs and tells the councilor that her case worker will once again go out and speak with her parents. Ixonia knows that she is now considered an adult so not much can be done about her parents throwing her out on the streets with not a penny to her name.

Ixonia goes through her day very upset and couldn't concentrate so at lunchtime, she cleans out her locker and gets ready to walk home to o the same for her room. The case worker meets up with her as she leaves the building to find out that she now has until June 1- graduation day- to find a job and a place to stay.

A week before graduation day, her parents gave her an used van with 1 year of insurance and a small sum of money if she left town and never darkened their door step again. Relatives came and dropped off checks or money in exchange for never darkening their doorsteps again. What could she do but to agree to leave town for parts unknown?

Ixonia comes from an idea I got from a ebook that I am reading. It is called Storm Born by Christine Pope. It is the first book in The Witches of Wheeler Park Series that I found on my Kindle. It is an interesting book and has a government agency involved with the main character- they only want her for a certain reason!
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Ixonia- A witch born on Ides of March to a normal family.

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