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hi there! I'm moone. I'm interested in doing pagedoll rlc comms and need to expand my recent examples. so post as a character here who has visual examples and I will draw them!! I'll be doing heads, busts, and fullbody pagedolls as I feel comfortable.

thank you!!
Kin Homura (played by Galaxy-Star)

I toss you a half fox
Hazesh (played by FadedTapestry)

Ooh, cool!

I can Hazesh at you.

Here are his most recent references -
His eyes have a black edge to them, not a red one.
Iona Urquhart (played by Dndmama)

Well don't mind if I do! You're welcome to try Iona here. Who doesn't love a Scittish warrior princess? Thanks for doing this so kindly!
Blanche (played anonymously)

*throws Blanche gently at you*
If you'd like, you could draw this chilly demon boy here!
There's quite a few references, including my own.

This is very very sweet of you to do!
Joot (played by Jooters)

Would joot be cool? Ive received reports that he's fun to draw and he has a ref sheet on his profile
fig Topic Starter

Kin Homura wrote:
I toss you a half fox
I volley back this
Hello, friend!! It's nice to see you around!!

I gently set down both Big Blue and Helielle for you to choose from. :3
Dusha Mächtige (played anonymously)

I have Dusha here if you're interested.

Lovely art, by the way.
Reminds me of old flash games <3

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