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Ketin Clarke (played anonymously)

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Well, we've had a great run - almost three years and several Chronicles of Narnia in wordcount - but all good things must come to an end and I'm afraid TGW has long since reached the point of no return. Entropy, and all that. The group, myself included, are no longer active here and there's no reason to believe that is ever going to change. TGW is to be considered 'inactive' from here on out.

That said, in removing myself from the responsibility of maintaining the group and many plotlines, I've relieved myself of the burden of caring what happens to this thread. So by all means, do feel free to post here. Whenever you like, whatever you like. Heck, continue the story if you want to. No rules, no regulations, no need to contact anyone before posting, just have at it. True to the name, TGW will always be 'open', even when there's nothing left but happy memories and wasted potential. May it serve RPR's sci-fi enthusiasts in whatever way a derelict, abandoned behemoth canvas can.

Have fun. Go wild. So long, and thanks for all the fish<3


We're always open!
Just send me a PM if you want to join, we can usually find somewhere to fit new players in.

For a recap of the events leading up to The Mysterious Signal(P.37) check out The Story So Far.

TGW is possibly the RPR's longest-running public RP, running on almost two years now. A lot has changed since those humble beginnings, and some of the information provided in this initial post may be outdated or in need of renovation. As such, it is very important that you chat with me before posting.

That said, we are a very friendly and welcoming group. We happily accept RPR newcomers and veterans alike - some of us even got their start RPing with TGW. We're always happy to help people improve their writing abilities if that's what they're looking for, and we're always happy to add new, experienced writers to the mix too!

Mankind had always existed across the Galaxy Wide. Like motes of dust speckled across the infinite blackness of the 'Verse, the worlds which men now lived upon were innumerable. Millions of them, all with their own communities, histories, cultures. Different beliefs and levels of technology, different relations with other planets and systems. Though stardrives made travel between systems relatively speedy and accessible - on average 24 hours from one system to the next - the Galaxy was too great to fully comprehend. Great, multi-system wars could break out, empires at an unimaginable scale could rise and fall, and those on planets far might never have the slightest idea. There was a sense of chaos to it when viewed as a whole, but the order within it lie in the small scale.
It was a place of the unknown that humankind called home - a place which no one person could ever see the whole of, and no whole race could ever tame. The infinite expanses of the interstellar wild-west.

But our story is not about the Galaxy. Rather, it is about the people and beings within it and the adventures they will have. Catastrophe on a pan-Galactic scale looms over our adventurers, but the Galaxy is Wide, and there's time a-plenty to avert disaster.

The Galaxy is a wide and vast plane of life. Billions of worlds inhabited by life in it's virtually infinite forms. Technology levels, cultures, lifestyles of these worlds are as endless as the variance between each individual life. Billions of stories - but stories are at their best when they come together. Every individual has their story. Friends and enemies, histories and plans, motives and prejudices. It's when the complex stories of many merge into one that the greatest legends are born.

Verse Trivia:

[Time is kept via Galactic Standard Time. A purely mathematical concept that does not rely on physics. It's broken down into 10s. I used to have this more fleshed out but whatever.]
[The most commonly accepted form of currency is the Standard. Metallic coins and nylon bills of red, blue and green. That is not to say that /everyone/ is familiar with it - same with GST above.]
[Magic does not exist. Period. Technology that seems like magic is acceptable. Everything can be explained by science, even if it's science that doesn't exist yet.]
[Non-human aliens /do/ exist - in some parts of the Galaxy they are fully integrated to mingle with human society, in other parts they've believed not to exist. Some species are entirely not known to exist, some are very common - somehow, though, humans managed to become the most common species in the Galaxy.]

[What We're Looking For]
(This is a process for me, so hang with me here.)

(I don't have a lot of experience in 3+ player RP, but I wondered what it is that can keep a story interesting over long periods of time. The answer is people - and their characters - that can introduce new elements into the story for other characters to deal with. Every character has their own life, and I believe that should be brought to RP, allowing for more complexity among characters.)

It occurred to me that what I want to do here is follow the example of what my friend Mad Ranger is doing over here with his Reality Collapse, albeit with a few alterations.
Those being that I would like to avoid canon characters. They are not forbidden, but original content is strongly preferred.

I would also ask that posts be kept at a decent length. 4 or 5 sentences or so at a minimum. That way the next poster will always have something to respond to.

Feel free to make up planets, cultures, technologies - whatever. Ranger put it more eloquently than I could: "You are whoever you want and do whatever you want too, there is not set goals or scenarios, as those are sculpted the in-game characters as they progress and interact with the others."

That said, please refrain from godmodding and from assuming the results of your character's actions upon another.

There is no current limit on the number of players who can join in, and there's no defined posting order. Anyone may join (Again, please keep posts over 4 lines to retain quality) and anyone may leave and/or come back whenever they like. If someone's lack of posting starts to hold up the story, no pressure - just post around it.

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Ketin Clarke (played anonymously) Topic Starter

kiara (played by LunasaWolf)

if u still what to rp this wen u get back i'll be up for it
Colin Krato (played by Meepstr1118)

(I'll just start for my character.) Colin sits on a park bench drinking his soda. His cat Midnight sitting on his shoulder and the android he created sitting to his left. "Master, how long are you just going to sit there?" The android asked. Colin sighed and replied. "We really should be going now, right Mercury?"
Kevin (played by Orig)

Kevin vigerously looked through things all over the jungle, looking for something to add to his collection. He set up his traps, and hid them in grooves all over. He hoped to catch something before his mother called him in for supper. He had already looked through half of his traps, and was starting to get impatient.
(Start for my character. )
There was rustling sound to be heard from the forest. The situation was confusing and the darkness - caused By the thick foliage blocking most of the sunlight - didn't help. The boy was unsure of what was chasing him, that is if they were even 'chasing' him. All he could think of was a bear or such, judging By the heavy sounds he heard from behind himself. It could have been something else too though, who knows... He knew that he would have to hide soon as he could feel the chaser getting closer. Gaining distance while avoiding the tree branches in the dark wasn't an easy task.

[ Starting up with a 'bang' because.... Well..... ... I got no other ideas xD ]
It was done. There was no gurgling, no screaming or fighting back. No words were said and she had granted them all a quick passing. She moved like something from a half-forgotten dream, a flickering shadow that claimed the lives of the guards that dared to protect her target. Lively lavender eyes met his dark orange ones and it was over. Now, as her lavender eyes bore into his glazed over orange ones, Nirix could only offer a small prayer.
"Creya, goddess of the soulstream I ask forgiveness. Grant this one peace and wash the sins from his soul"

His name was Lesuss T'oyat, an Ecolu from her homeland. Nirix hadn't known him well, or at all really. His face was youthful, ivory skin with waist length, straight black hair, and eyes the color of the sunset setting in the horizon. Some human politician had wanted him dead and Nirix's had flocked to his calling. She had listened to him rant, venom in his every word as he spoke about how Lesuss had betrayed him over some kind of deal. Nirix hadn't cared too much, curiosity was a liability in her line of work: if she was required to kill a fellow Eoclu, she had wished not to know anything that could redeem him in her eyes.

In so it was done. In a matter of days, Nirix had traveled back to her homeland and into the lush jungle zones to track her target's movement. He had made the fatal decision of stopping at an old abandoned settlement and that's when she striked, her monomolecular blade delivering lethal strikes and her assassination cloaking device rendering her invisible until it was too late. Now they were all dead, and with her final prayer leaving her lips, Nirix had nothing else to do but return to her contact for her reward.

{Here's my character's start~}
Andalites (played by ThatAndalite)

A centaur-like creature wandered over near the bench that Colin sat at, and he stood nearby, raising a seven-digited hand as a friendly gesture. He wasn't clothed, nor did he need any, as he had fur. "Hello there!" the andalite called out to the android and her master.
Colin Krato (played by Meepstr1118)

Colin looked over and his android did the same. "Hello there." The android spoke for both Colin and herself. "My master tends to have trouble speaking to people so I will be speaking for him.
Andalites (played by ThatAndalite)

[AHEM. Correction regarding andalite speech: it's in your head, not aloud. Thought speech, it's called. It used <>s not ""s. So yeah. Huhu.]

<Ah, that is fine,> the andalite said, then standing beside the bench. Alas, he couldn't sit. <My name is Ygurt-Kidutts-Selacs, and I am a lost aristh, a cadet if you will. I seem to be, well, stranded on this planet. What is the name of this place?>
Colin Krato (played by Meepstr1118)

(I just reread the post. My android is female) "Currently we're on Earth. There seems to be a lot of comosion in the forest. We were just leaving to check out what happened." Colin's cat rubs against Colin's cheek.
Andalites (played by ThatAndalite)

[Ah, sorry. Hehe.]

<Do you two have some sort of psychic link?> asked the andalite, curious. <Us andalites are just now developing thought-speech directed computers.. I can't imagine those of you here on Earth having this technology already!>
Colin Krato (played by Meepstr1118)

Colin answers. "As her creator I put some of my consciousness into her. She can see exactly what I can see and think what I think. She can still think on her own."
Andalites (played by ThatAndalite)

<That's quite interesting!> the andalite responded. He gestured to the woods. <Are you going to come with me? I was wondering what was going on in there, too..>
Ketin Clarke (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"They call it 'Earth', Sir." said Agent 6/20, standing formerly next to a tall woman in a long, black coat with short, black hair. At his words, she shot him a sudden look of disparaging. "You're kidding."
"No Sir."
"Earth?As in the mythical 'birthplace of all mankind' in those old childrens' stories"
"Yes Sir."
"That's like insisting that your planet is named 'God'."
"yes Sir."
DEU Agent Royanna Kallenger put a hand to her temple, massaging it for a moment as she turned back to the great glass window that looked out upon a small world that hung motionless against the stars before them. It was largely a deep, emerald green, with deep blue oceans and swirls of white. The majority of the surface was thick jungle and rainforest, giving way to the occasional mountain range or dune desert, with a scant percentage of ocean to divide them.

No, this was definitely not the original planet 'Earth'. Everyone knew that Earth did not exist - something for the superstitious and the unintelligent to grasp for some semblance of meaning in the Universe. Even if by some preposterous turn of fate the planet /did/ exist, it was literally billions of years ago. History was not a timeline that stretched from one point to infinity - it was infinite in both directions, forward and back.

But this was not the sort of conversation that Agent Kallenger wanted to have right now. No use in beating an old, philosophical horse.

"Okay, so...Earth." She spoke the word with hesitance and a sense of sarcasm, as though a child had named it and insisted on demanding others to use it.

"Yes Sir." Agent 6/20 replied - he seemed to have something of a limited vocabulary, or at least was not much of a conversationalist. None of the DEU Agents were, really. There simply wasn't anything to talk about...

"Planetary Capitol city?"
"Earth, Sir. Local population 1.2 million."
"System Star name?"
"Earth, Sir. White dwarf." (It was a common practice that the capitol planet of a star system was named after the star, and the planetary capital was named after the planet. It was very un-creative, but a stable system, if nothing else.)
Agent 6/20 continued without prompt: "High-tech, 90% human population. Non-Imperial, obviously."
"And you're certain that we've seen applicable disturbances here?"
"No, Sir."
"Of course not. But it's better than nothing. Even if the reports are hazy at best it's still better than nothing." She seemed spiteful.

Agent Kallenger's great starship hung in orbit around 'Earth', a good distance away from the orbital stations. While nothing compared to the incredible starliners, Kallenger's flagship was a formidable size, well equipped for stealth and speed though with sub-par weapons systems.

"Very well." Kallenger continued, with little enthusiasm, "Schedule planetfall for one hour from now."
"Yes Sir." Agent 6/20 gave the Imperial salute - a fist, extended outward, then toward the chest with a bend of the elbow, then spun on a heel to return to his duties and ready the troop.
Kallenger meanwhile would smack a button on the control panel, setting the ship to keep in geostationary orbit until further commanded. (She insisted on being the pilot of her own ship, even though she could easily have a crew member dedicated to that job.)
Then she also left the control room, making her way to personal quarters, sitting tiredly, drawing her gilded rapier from her hip, examining the shiny, wispy handguard, polishing the narrow blade before returning it to the sheath. A sword - it was a furiously pointless weapon, yet she insisted on using it - she even took a secret pride in the ability, and though she would never admit it, half the reason was because she thought she looked badass using it.

Then she waited.

On the planet's surface, it was largely business as usual. Earth was a relatively stable planet in terms of social, economical, and political goings. It was a relatively peaceful planet - of course wars and uprisings broke up now and again, but it was mostly unified. The world was known for it's lumber exports, having a rich industry in woodworking thanks to the plentiful jungles and rainforests. Ordinances were in place to efficiently manage the resource, dictating that the percentage of coverage never fell below a certain extent.

Earth had first been colonized some five hundred years ago - the process was well documented, providing proof that it could not possibly be the Earth of legend - and civilization there grew slowly due to some interstellar diplomacy issues. After some time however, industry and population began to flourish. It was - as most systems - one day's travel from the nearest surrounding systems, those being the Travan and Lonea systems.

There were two other planets in the Earth system - Solaria and Stervus - the former being entirely uninhabited and the latter serving as primarily a resource mining community and was only populated by small colonies.

The most commonly use mode of transportation - especially in the cities - was the magrail. Similar to a monorail in appearance, it hovered stably in the V shaped dip in two thin rails that branched out from one. It was very safe and very efficient, running off - as most everything was - hydrogen, making it eco-friendly as well. These trains wove through the cities, wrapping around and weaving about the skyscrapers in the city centers on rails that branched from the sides of the buildings. They also connected many of the cities to eachother, as well as many of the smaller towns between. (A similar ground-based rail system was used for freight) Besides this there were groundcars of all shapes and sizes, all with highly intelligent automated guidance systems for any normal road travel, and manual control for where the automation was not applicable.
Earth's Planetary Capitol city, 'Earth', was located in the midst of the largest section of jungle on the planet - "Great Wood". It was thick, dense, nearly impossible to travel through with any real progress, and the only access to the great city was through the already established roads or rail lines, of which there were few. As with most Planetary Capitols it served as the main link between the world and the Galaxy. The gargantuan Sagan Starport stretched on for miles, and the expansive rectangular field carved out among the trees connected to the city could be seen from space. It was there that ships small enough to do so could land, park, and take off safely. Excessively large vessels could detach ferry ships to serve that purpose. Sagan Starport also provided hourly shuttles to the geostationary stations in deep orbit.

Overall, Earth was, for all intents and purposes, a relatively normal planet.

After an hour of staring at the ceiling and silently cursing the stupidity of the brass back at headquarters which had days before caused her a great deal of bother, Agent Kallenger was ready. She and her men boarded the dropship and made planetfall. (Planetfall and not 'landfall', because they did not actually reach the surface, only entering the lower atmosphere.) Hanging silently a good distance over the cities and jungles, they would begin their more fine-tuned sweep of the general area which the disturbance had been spotted. This was going to be a lengthy and tedious process, though as much as she despised it Kallenger insisted - as with everything else - to be in direct control of the operations.

In the passenger bay, some of the Agents had taken to a silent game of holographic Chinese Checkers.
kiara (played by LunasaWolf)

sorry to be late )

kiara watched the beautiful endless star filled skys and sighed she missed her home but new she could never go back, she looked on the radar and saw that she was close to another galaxy "hear we go again miako another system to look into"
she looks on the screen that's flashing error "what the?"
CD-407B (played anonymously)

~ My apologies I hope you don't mind me joining in i'm gonna bring a disturbance to Earth :D ~

A great fireball that seemed to have come from around the moon orbiting earth had begun shooting its way to the planets surface. A combination of blue sparks and red blazing fire from what seemed to be metal wreckage making its way down to the Earth's surface passing by satellites and ships alike it had no intention of slowing down or stopping until it had crashed into the ground in an inferno nearby human population centers but still to be what seemed like safe distances away as pieces of the old metal wreckage began breaking off in the atmosphere and as it crashed into the ground it caused a large plume of smoke to rise into the sky signalling it's touchdown.
Mad Ranger - CL (played by FALLEN_)

Finally. I hope you guys don't mind the weird writing. >_>
And CD, there will be NEVER trouble enough. ;3

"Definitely not."
"Why? Just because it's orbiting a White Dwarf it doesn't mean that it is the wrong planet!"
"You're just an <beep> like that, huh? You haven't been there, I said it already. It's not a <beeping> dwarf."
"Look, there's over a million systems like that, y'know? How could you say it's not this one?"
"... Because the green on it were long gone..."

Almost any radars surveying "Earth"s orbit detected it. A sleek, yet primitive looking space fighter blasted it's rather smoky thrusters over 100 Mm/h with a surprising coordination that could only mean a precision AI piloting the object, soon, however, proven wrong by, by the constant chattering signal coming from it, apparently aware of the potential threats orbiting the planet it is heading.

"Y'know I'm not even sure if I can provide you with enough fuel to another trip like that, right?"
"You've been only a hassle lately, just burning through my <beeping> credits ever since I met ya."
"Better have a burnt wallet than the same with your... Arms... Heh, heh, he--"

It didn't take too long for the chatter to be cut abruptly, followed by a loud, mother-offending curse.
Soon, a black trail of what appeared to be smog start to cut through the planet's thermosphere as it started to plummet with a dangerous, accelerated pace.
The fighter finally began to lower it's violent speed, arching on itself towards the ground as the flames from the atmospheric drop started to extinguish. Shortly after, the sky were invaded by a foreign spacecraft, with it's general build-up looking even more primitive as it reached any witnessing eyes.
The station was a buzz with life as the magrail hissed to a stop and Nirix's boots made contact with the hard station floor. On her homeworld, such lurxy was only suited for the nobles and was rarely crowded. It sparked an ember of curiosity in the seemingly young Eoclu's mind and while the train had wove it's way through the cities, wrapping around and weaving about skyscrapers, Nirix had barely noticed the odd looks the humans gave her as the loaded her section of the train. Apparently Eoclu were an odd sight in such a vast and advanced city such as this one...strange.

Nonetheless, Nirix ignored the sideways glances that were directed in her direction and pressed on towards the coordinates that had been forwarded to her console.
"Maxsoni Towers...Take the elevator to floor level 40..." Her directions flowed from her memory without fail. Ten thousand credits would be her payment for taking another life, his life could've continued if not for Nirix's intervention.

Biting her lower lip, lavender eyes fluttered upwards towards the blue sky, now filled with a foreign spacecraft. An odd sight, yet not unusual. It could be a trading vessel or the ship of some rouge smuggler, Nirix mused as she neared her destination. There was no time for idle daydreaming, the reward of her job had to be claimed and it would do her no good to keep her contract waiting.
CD-407B (played anonymously)

The wreckage that sparked from the ground, was now stuck in a large crater it had just created, and stuttering outside of it came a burnt droid, with only a missing arm the open gape was sparking a blue and giving off a soft smoke. the rest of the wreckage when the large plume covering began clearing up, looked foreign, old, and unrecognizable to any recorded species. The droid, began patrolling around the wreckage scanning the surrounding wreckage for recoverable data. In a nearby batch there was a small data recorder which had a batch of data left in it which the droid took and stored for himself then continued patrolling the area.

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