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So, I've had a nagging feeling about this question for a very long time now.. has anyone ever role-played with themselves? I, personally, have done it many times, but I'm not sure about everyone else!

And some follow-up questions:
-How many times have you RP'd with yourself?
-How often?
-Do you do it when no-one's around to RP with you, or otherwise?
-Did you mistake yourself for someone else?

Now.. go!

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Maybe when I was a wee one and very noobie. Those were the days. My childhood is pouring in.
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Heh. For some odd reason, I still do - and it's mostly because I either forget about replies to other people and think I have none. Or I just get really bored.

I acctually role play with myself quite often. I thought I was alone! XD Ive done it at least 6 or 7 times, but probably more. I've often called myself a different name by accident, acctually, and get confused when others call me by my actual name. ^^"
I did it once out of boredom and so I can improve the relationships between my characters better. Ngl, I might do it again sometime, but not because I have no one to RP with. It is so I can improve the relationships between my characters. x3
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Cool, cool!
I can't help but be curious as to how one goes about roleplaying with oneself? I don't think I've ever done it, but...maybe? I dunno'.
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Well, the way I've done it, I PM myself as one character and switch characters until the RP reaches a conclusion. Or, how I've done it on Furcadia - get two or more alts, and post as usual, switching between them.
Ooh, that makes sense.
Can't say I've ever done it, though.
Maybe a long, long time ago, when I had first started writing?
It /does/ seem like a good way of improving character relations - writing it out to really cement the changes - I think I get it.
That said, I do like to go over scenarios in my head, playing them out in my mind and really trying to involve myself in the emotion of the situation. That is, focusing more on the actions and emotions of a single character during a moment in a given scenario - if that makes any sense? It doesn't usually result in my character relations growing, but it does have a tendency to more deeply connect myself to the character.
So, that might count.
The stuff I did on MSN messenger as a kid was even more amusing. Same with old Java chat rooms, I'd get two windows open in my wee days. Those were the days.
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

When I had Furc, I'd shove a whole ton of charas into one RP with myself, including NPCs and random schiesse like that. I remember having twenty Furc windows open at one time before..
I have done so often in group rps. I force myself to NEVER do it if I am playing two characters, because I try to limit the interaction between two characters, unless they are Madeline and Ryan. I let my twins bicker, and such for a humor effect.

As for why I do it: I like to challenge myself sometimes. If the chatroom is slow, I would post something that my character would do. One time, my character Choujo walked into a metal shop, found a bottle of some metal that this guy talked to her about the day before, and painted her nails with it so that she could cut someone pretty bad. It was a bit of a turning point for her, and was when she began acting more feminine in her downtime. It weirded me out when I played her outside of that chatroom, because she had grown on me to the point that her doing her thing in one rp, was much different in another.

Basically what I am saying is that it can end up with your character changing, or you getting into your character's mind in a way that you might not have before. Not only that, but Choujo was the first character that I had that didn't rely on (and was my main character) anyone other than herself. She was a loner, and when others tried to help her, she would try to get them to back off, force them to get out of her way, or end up fighting them if their ego was too big. Because of this, a lot of guys ended up liking her, but that is a WHOLE different story entirely!

I feel that if a player roleplays with their two characters all the time, that it is limiting the interaction between, not only your two characters, but also the other player's character. That goes into playing multiple characters, but it makes playing with yourself a turn off for some people!

I feel that every character should display individualism, and I believe that a player should be able to play their character by them self, or they shouldn't be playing that character at all! Think about it: It's YOUR character, you should know everything about them. You should be the only one to be able to play them, and if you can't image how your character would respond to something that you came up with yourself, how is that proving that you can play your character, or are a good writer in the first place?

I think being able to play your character this way is the most important thing outside of the rules of RP! Also, the same applies with Canon Characters. Yes, you heard me. If you can't get into a character's head, even if they are a CC, then you shouldn't play them. All you have to say to yourself is "What would ___ do?" and you should be able to answer it. If they wouldn't know what they would do, that's okay. But if YOU don't know what THEY would do, then that's where you need to get to know your character more, or you shouldn't play the character (which is always sad :()

(Boy... I didn't mean to write that much XD Well, at least I gave insight~)
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Don't worry about writing so much, I get like that too! But yeah, Summer does have a point. Characters shouldn't be dependent on one another to thrive, but I often never do this when RPing with myself.

But back to the point: RPing with oneself. I don't mean RPing with another person and two or more of your characters (well, mostly), I mean straight out RPing with yourself.
I once RP'd with myself on a chat site. Got called a sad and lonely person...

...Good Times...
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Don't feel bad about it! I'll watch you RP with yourself #SQ XD

I don't find it to be a sad and lonely thing, tbh
ThatAndalite wrote:
Don't feel bad about it! I'll watch you RP with yourself #SQ XD

I don't find it to be a sad and lonely thing, tbh

It was actually an attempt to attract some fellow players. Didn't plan out too well I suppose :D
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Awe! Well, no need to fear - the Bab is here! :D
I believe that is writing.... If you are roleplaying with yourself, I would considering it writing a story, like an Author would. That's just the way that I see it.

If you mean that you do so with other people also part of the roleplay (as if they aren't even there.) It takes more than one roleplaying with yourself. It takes more than one to roleplay. Playing more than one character doesn't really count, unless you are doing so with another person/people.

Here's an example:
Jake is talking to Jill, and your character is dancing. Your character doesn't do anything with Jake and Jill, just continues to do their own thing.

^I would consider this one roleplaying by yourself.

If YOU are playing Jake, Jill, and Bob, all at the same time, there is no one else in the roleplay that you are playing, only you. Jake and Jill are talking, while Bob is dancing.

^I would consider that writing a story. If you do not know what writing a story is, then I am a bit worried O.O
ThatAndalite Topic Starter

Oh, I see! But at the same time, I like my idea of what RPing with yourself is. And another thing - doing it while there's just a crap load of people around, but no-one's responding to what you do.

I've only RPed with my self once or twice back on Facebook a few years ago.
It was pretty fun. I should try RP with myself more often.

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