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This is definitely more money than I want to be spending. That was all Aki could think as he looked around at the lavish party that Lazar had set up for him. He took a mental note to never allow Lazar to set up any event ever again other than meetings for their business.

Lazar had opened up a large room in the building that they had bought for their front and decorated it and brought in a very expensive caterer that served steak, sushi, and a large variety of other not cheap foods. Not just that though, but Lazar had brought in extremely expensive sake, wine, champagne, and other hard liquors. Lazar had invited a representative from almost every large company in Japan though so hopefully they would be able to make a good amount of contacts. That would make up for the massive expensive of the party.

Already, there are 30 different people who had showed up for 20 different companies and Lazar was entertaining them and talking with each and every one of them. Aki couldn't help but smirk. He knew the man was a damn good sales man and he didn't even normally have to badger people. His words normally just swayed people. Aki then realized that the damned human girl wasn't here yet. He quickly slipped out into one of the back halls and ripped open a door. "Get the fuck out there you nit. The party has begun and you haven't even made an appearance." he hissed at her.

Inside the small room was a normal sized woman. She wasn't super model skinny but she most certainly not fat. She was a normal skin. She hair her long blond hair pulled back into a neat bun and she was just finishing applying her make up. It was simple but pretty. As he burst in, Tara dully looked back at him and then back to herself in the mirror. She listened to him but didn't say anything. She took her time, pissing Aki off more. She knew what she was doing though. She stood up and smoothed down the dark purple, night dress and then picked up a sliver necklace with a fair sized sapphire in it. She then placed three simple bracelets on her wrist and turned to the slowly enraging vampire. "Calm down Aki. Lazar is out there and entertaining them. So long as someone is representing our company we are fine." she then sighed and looked at herself one more time in the mirror. She couldn't help but notice the lifeless look in her mismatched eyes though. They had been that way for some time though. She closed them and then smiled tenderly. It covered up the dullness that was there and if she didn't slip no one would notice. "Lets go." she said turning away from the mirror and walking out making sure not to touch Aki. Minutes later, Tara appeared in the room and quickly started greeting the different people who were in the room and moved over to smaller groups whom Lazar was currently unable to get to.

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Amante (played by Ishu)

The party was nice, definitely lavish for such a new player in the game. He was calculating how much this guy must have gone in the hole by liquor alone. It seemed someone wanted to make a damn good impression. He ordered a glass of scotch, the best they had at the bar, and waited for it. He was taller than most of the men in the room. With a wide body and muscles to boot, he could have passed as an MMA UFC fighter. He wasn't a body builder but most men wouldn't want to bother him. When the glass came he lifted it up to his lips and took a gulp, downing about half of it before sweeping his tongue over firm lips.

With dark hair cut too short for his liking, a scraggly headful combed to be more appealing to the party, and a rebellious amount of facial hair, he looked like he could pass for a man on the cover of a romance novel. His skin was dark, tanned, and his eyes were a pretty medium hue of green. He downed the other half of the drink and set the glass down on the counter, "Keep them coming." The man on the other side of the bar spoke English. He was probably a college student studying abroad and needed a job. Perfect for international business when no one spoke the native tongue.

He turned back around and watched the room of people conversing, laughing and touching each others hands and business or greetings passed from man to man. A few females were in the room, most of them assistants to Japanese businessmen. He recognized one of them sitting on the other side of the room. She was the spokeswoman for a particular international company. The long, white hair gave her away. Normally, he'd go speak to her, but not tonight... (c) ((c) means I'm about to post again >w<)
Acacia (played by Ishu)

The party wasn't quite as loud as she thought it would be. There were a lot of lights outside and cars constantly stopping to unload people at the front door. It felt like a red carpet event. She wouldn't lie, it was nicely put together but she thought it to be a bit much. She preferred small, personal events or just meetings where she didn't absolutely need to speak to others. The young woman sat alone at a little table with no food but a glass of water on a coaster and a straw leaning against the rim.

A few people recognized her and some of those few approached her and spoke to her for a minute or two a piece. She sort of nodded along to them and denied their offer for alcoholic drinks but they seemed relieved that she refused. She picked up her glass of water and sipped from it, her bright blue eyes turning up and looking at the lights in the ceiling. She was small for a woman, her bones almost lithe. The thickest part about her were her hips. She was pears shaped; narrow at the shoulders and wide at the hips. With a small bust and almost literal white skin, she was almost blinding. Someone could joke that she could dress up as a beam of light for Halloween- but then they'd be killed.

Her white hair was her trademark. It was the same as her father's, the biggest business owner in all of Japan, Europe and a heavy handed business owner in most countries across the world. He was constantly buying companies, flipping them or destroying them and taking those assets elsewhere. She didn't understand why he did it or what his goals were but a part of her didn't even want to know. All she knew for certain was that she was supposed to be his little princess doll during it all. She just had to show up, look nice, be nice and leave when it was all over.
Lazar laughed for a couple of minutes with a few of the other business men and then made his way around to another group. He couldn't help but notice a bright head of hair from the corner of his eye. He glanced over casually to her and then back to his audience who seemed to be enjoying his his company. He continued to entertain them until his companion Tara came out. A few heads turned, capturing some different people's attentions and Lazar excused himself moving over to Tara. Aki looked extremely unhappy behind her though he only slunk away into the background rather than joining them. Lazar smiled down at her and extended his arm to her, "Always late Ms.O'Conly"

She smiled and took his arm without saying a thing. He knew she wasn't in a good mood. She hated parties but it was apart of her contract and she knew it. The look in her eyes was a dead give away. He leaned down before they started talking to anyone though and whispered, "Your eyes dear. Give them life and light." She glanced up at him quickly and then towards the people they were greeting a sudden sparkle appearing in her eyes as she extended her hand introducing herself. Aki grinned whenever he saw her acting skills and then slipped out the door again, leaving his representatives to work.

Half an hour passed and Tara left his arm to go off on her own. He watched her for a moment and then sighed happily looking around at his party. He stopped whenever he noticed the white haired vixen off on her own still. He perked an eyebrow watching her for a moment. He looked around, making sure that all the other guests were busy with one another and then headed over to her. "If I may say so myself, this is a very successful party. What is a pretty little thing like you doing moping around all by yourself?" he asked as he looked down at her with a tender smile. She was very pretty despite her extremely pale complexion. "Surely there is someone around here you'd enjoy talking to." he said puffing up his chest slightly basically saying, 'how about me?'
Tara O'Conly (played by L0v3lyInk)

She wanted to vomit. All of these people laughing and getting drunk. Lazar leading the way for all of them. She didn't want to be doing this. She held onto Lazar's arm though and smiled laughing and giggling. She made good conversation and subtly hinted at companies working together getting a good hint back that they were interested. Most of the companies that Lazar had invited seemed very open to cooperating with the company. One or two had seemed indifferent. After awhile she parted from Lazar and went directly over to the bar.

The bartender looked over at her and she quickly ordered a drink in English. She was sure others would know though. Behind the bar they had other drinks too. The bartender quickly whipped up her long island and made good conversation with her in English. It felt good to speak her native language. It had been a long time. She stared down at the counter dully as she listened to the party people behind her. She quickly took notice to the man at the bar sucking down scotch after scotch though and she smiled at him, hoping that he hadn't seen her little slip. "Are you enjoying yourself here?" she asked in Japanese, having forgotten to put the spark back in her eye. He didn't look like much of a businessman. He looked much different. She didn't much care though. She wouldn't ever see him again most likely. Lazar would be working with the other companies. She would attend press conferences and occasional parties.
Acacia (played by Ishu)

(I'm guessing these two are speaking in Japanese?)

She blinked up at him with large, round and bright blue eyes. A smile drew on her features. She processed how to handle him as he was a new person and opened her mouth, lips curving and posturing with a meticulous precision as she spoke to him, "Moping? I did not realize I looked so sad." She was younger than most of the other people here, possibly even Tara. She was wearing a black pencil skirt that hugged the curves of her hips and legs with sheer stockings underneath. Her blouse was right with ruffles down the middle of her chest. Over her blouse she wore a short coat with long sleeves to cover the skin of her arms. Her shoes were black doll-like pumps with short, thick heels.

It was obvious that the stranger was trying to offer his time and person to her as a source of companionship. She found him a bit endearing but she knew the interest was based on the fact that he didn't seem to know who she was so he did not exhibit fear or nervousness. It was refreshing and she never even considered the possibility of someone simply standing near or her speaking to her without the worry of the consequences. She turned away from the table, facing him now with both hands in her lap. She gave a sincere bow and looked up at him, lips dancing as words came from her, "Perhaps... you would like to keep me company?"
Amante (played by Ishu)

Green eyes watched as a catch of a woman walked up to the bar, only a few feet from him, and ordered a drink. The woman and the bartender had a few words with each other. As he held his scotch glass close to his chest, his eyes scanned the room over and over, watching people and their interactions as his ears kept open to the speakers beside him. He realized that cutting his hair made it easier for sounds to weep into his head. They were clearer, less muffled, but more than he wanted could go in and muddle up what he really wanted to hear.

He was mid gulp when the woman started speaking to him and he lowered his glass, swallowed the alcohol and spoke to her in English, "You shouldn't have gone through all of the trouble to hire an English-speaking college student to serve at the bar so English speakers could order from him and then not speak English when you want to know if they are enjoying themselves." He turned around and leaned onto the bar, the edge of his glass touching the top of the bar. The man looked over at her and smiled, "Not to mention, your accent is horrible." He downed the rest of his glass and set it down, tapping the rim so the bartender knew to refill it.

Amante turned to her and offered a hand, "Amante. English is easier for you so we'll use the language... if that's alright?" He realized he'd come on a bit strong, belittling the logic she and her company had when it came to the whole "bar" ordeal. He blamed genetics for the smarting attitude but it melted off of him. He appeared calm and collected and the smell of alcohol was not absent from his figure.
(Yeah. I figured that they would be. Lazar is a very fast learner so his would be extremely fluent. Tara's would have error though. They forced her to learn Japanese along with the language where their company is based. She initially is from America.)

As soon as she asked if he would like to keep her company, he plopped down next to her and quickly waved over a waiter. "Of course I will!" he said excitedly. "Come now, as proper as water is, live a little bit dearie. Try something more interesting. What about a blue cosmopolitan shot? One of the men over there told me to try one. Oh! What about a mimosa? Those are fairly good. You can't even taste the alcohol. It just tastes like orange juice." Before she could answer though, Lazar had ordered too blue cosmopolitan shots and a mimosa. He then turned back to her and smiled over at her putting his arms down at his side. "So what company are you here for? AH! I'm so sorry ma'am. Lazar. Lazar di Fiori is my name. It is a pleasure to meet you." he said taking one of her hands from her lap lightly kissing it. As far as anyone knew, he hadn't done that to any of the other business women who had come. "May I have yours?" he asked with a tender smile knowing that as soon as he heard a name, the company she was here for would be reveled.
Tara O'Conly (played by L0v3lyInk)

She smiled as he criticized Aki's choice in bartenders. She personally didn't mind speaking English to the kid, but from a business point of view it didn't make much sense. As soon as he mentioned her accent though, she let out a hollow laugh. She didn't care if he meant it or not to be honest. She knew she had a distinct accent. She had learned the horrid language not even 6 months prior to moving here. She hadn't really had a chance to refine it. She kept a smile on her face as she watched him dully refill his glass. She was tempted to leave. All of it right now. So tempted to just walk away from all this nonsense.

His introduction cut her thoughts though and that was for the better. She replied in Japanese though, "I'd much rather practice my Japenese if you wouldn't mind. I had little time to learn the language so pardon the mistakes." she said before lightly taking a sip of her long island, loving the way that it so effortlessly slid down her throat. "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Amante." she said lightly taking his hand in a shake. "My name is O'Conly. Tara O'Conly. So what company are you here representing Mr. Amente? If you don't mind my asking."
Acacia (played by Ishu)

She watched him sit down abruptly and introduce himself, seemingly charmed or delighted to serve her some alcohol. She wanted to protest, lifting a hand and opening her mouth to speak to him and hopefully stop him from going to far at her expense. Of course, the two shots and the glass of orange juice pretending to be just that, juice. The waiter had put it into her hand as it was out, fingers cupping it immediately so it would not fall when the waiter let go. Light blue eyes glanced over to it and she found herself enthralled with the image, and even the idea, of the drink. Her other hand left her lap and she felt the warmth of a pair of lips. The young woman looked at the man whom stated his name and asked for hers.

"Mimosa." Her lips hadn't moved and she paused, realizing her slip. She smiled and tried to cover it with her lips moving along, "Acacia Mimosa." She carefully took her hand from his and lay it on her lap before turning to her beverage and drinking it. Mimosa was the name of the family who owned, basically, all of Japan. They had access to almost everything and controlled who stayed and who didn't. They mostly bought other companies and flipped them around, having they deal in a completely different business. There were times when the companies they bought were completely destroyed or their resources sold off to another company while the land and workers were used for something else. Their main company dealt in medical equipment and technology while dabbling into pharmaceuticals.
Amante (played by Ishu)

He grinned, glad to see she had a pair on her when it came to what she wanted. Honestly, it wasn't very common in the business world of Japan. Very few women even made it to higher levels in their career; they rarely had a say. He knew better than to think she had control over anything but the fact that she didn't seem to have been beaten down was refreshing. He raised his glass to her and took a drink, making a refreshed sound after swallowing. Amante spoke to her in Japanese, as per her request, "Alright, I'll help you work on it." He took his hand back and shoved it into a pocket, the other holding his drink level with his stomach, "I'm an informant, which means I can't tell you who I work for."

He leaned against the side of the bar and looked out across the room while drinking from his glass again. "You could go far enough to say that we have the same job," He looked over at her with a stern expression before looking ahead again. Amante had been in the game for a long time and he knew how things worked. However, his rules were a bit more old school. He couldn't be completely open about his position, unlike Tara who could say whatever she wanted to anyone; for example, who she worked for. As he finished off his glass, he paused and drew the drink away from his face, eyes fixated on a seemingly flirtatious man with dark hair fixated on the white haired mystery girl on the other side of the event room. He cleared his throat and motioned over at him, "Your friend? He seems friendly."
Lazar had done his research so he knew the name. He hadn't actually expected THAT company to send someone though. In a way it slightly made him nervous but he made sure not to show it. What slightly startled him was hearing 'Mimosa' in his head (I'm assuming). That was something Aki was going to want to know about. He played it off though and grinned at her. "Well isn't that fitting!" he said letting her hand go as he held the two blue cosmo. "Would you like to drink one with me? It has a fairly good taste. Otherwise I'll just have to drink them both." he grinned playfully. He got vibes from this girl. Good and bad vibes at the same time. She was cute and hesitant. Almost like a scared puppy. She seemed like she was on a leash though. A very tight leash that no one could see. Lazar could sense it though. He couldn't really tell what was going on behind closed curtains though. He wasn't one for guessing games though. He would have someone look into it.
Tara O'Conly (played by L0v3lyInk)

She stopped and looked over at Mr. Amente whenever he said he was an informant. What if Aki had hired him to watch over her? Was that possible? She was already on such a tight contract she hadn't thought that it was possible to get tighter.She took a slow drink from her long island and then gave him a strained smile. "I highly doubt our jobs are the same." She looked away from him and around the room. Her eyes never stayed on one person for longer than a second or two. Not until he mentioned Lazar. Her eyes went to her partner and she...stared? glared? It was hard to say. "He's very flirtatious and very talkative. He never means anything by it though. I've even seen him flirt with some men at times. He doesn't realize ever that it's flirting besides when he kisses their hand. I've only seen him do that once or twice before." she looked over to the girl next. She's so pretty... she thought to herself and then looked away. "Well, I do hope that you get what you are looking for from here." she said strained and smiled at him, the dull look back in her eyes. She quickly downed the rest of her long island, and there was more than half left, before standing up and walking off to go greet and talk to the other people. The drink made it easier. Just by a little.
Acacia (played by Ishu)

( I probably should have put that one in quotation marks but I thought it might confuse, lol. It wasn't "in your brain" telepathic but it was telepathy. -will fix that- )

The young female just gave him a smile, the reddish hues on her cheeks growing a bit darker, "Oh, no, I couldn't," she glanced down at the orange liquid in the glass resting her light grip, "I think this is more than enough for me." She took another small drink from the glass and set it down on the table with her hand resting against the bottom of it. She was surprised he did not react with fear or the sudden desire to run in the other direction. There was an astronomically slim chance that he had not heard of her family name as the business he was working for seemed... small. Or, more rather, new to the country. She took another drink of the mimosa and set the glass down again, turning her gaze to the blue shots. She didn't want to dampen his upbeat mood so she met him halfway, "How about you have one and tell me what it tastes like, then I might try it. Is that ok?"
Amante (played by Ishu)

Amante was gulping down the rest of his drink when she'd mentioned he only kissed the hands of those he was actively flirting with and likely had an interest in. He swallowed, hard, knotting up his throat on the gulp of alcohol. He tried to cover up the choking sensation by coughing and covered his mouth with his wrist, cleared his throat and turned to Tara. The alcohol glass hit the top counter of the bar again and he pointed at it. If he was going to have to spend all night in this place he wanted to load up on the free booze. As the bartender started to fill it up, Tara caught his attention again. She sounded solemn and rather bitter. Had he said something wrong? He tried to backtrack through their conversation and, before he could even ask for her phone number, she wandered off. His features jumbled, frazzled with disappointment and curiosity. The glass came back into his hand and he looked down into it, seeing his gruff but somewhat cleaned up reflection. Green eyes turned up and stared at Tara's back as she walked away. He lifted the glass and subtly toasted her as she wasn't looking before turning with his back against the bar. He stared at Lazar and the white haired girl across the room as if not watching them was going to get him killed.
Tara O'Conly (played by L0v3lyInk)

Tara didn't notice the toast to her. She swiftly moved over to some of the other men and greeted them pleasantly and began chatting with them. She asked some of the basic questions to them and began to talk about how their company could benefit the others. Some shook their head at the idea of it, especially because a woman was giving the pitch to them while others did listen. For her it got easier to talk and joke with the other people around her as the long island slowly started to sink in. The tingling sensation spread across her body and a sparkle started to come back into her eyes. She wasn't thinking about the consequences any more. Eventually after talking and chatting to almost everyone in the party, she made her way back over to the bar and started talking to the bartender. Of course, that was only after she had asked for another long island. She wasn't going to be able to drink any other time so why not now? At least, that's what she was currently thinking. She wasn't thinking about all the stupid shit she may end up doing while drunk. Like, flirting with the bartender. His face was slowly turning red as she continued to blatantly flirt with him. She hadn't even cast him a second glance before but now he was fairly good looking.
(So everyone could hear it?)

He grinned and chuckled scooting closer. "Why don't you just take a sip to see if it's good or not? I will with you. That way we aren't drinking too much unless we like it." he said with a soft chuckle. He offered her the drink and continued to hold his own drink. He glanced over seeing Tara wondering around and talking and inwardly sighed. She wasn't fucking things up. Very good start to a new business world. "Come now, just a sip. That won't hurt you pretty little girl." he purred tenderly holding the cup to his lips.
Acacia (played by Ishu)

( Yes and no. If they were close to her, they could hear it. It didn't fill the entire room or anything. ^^ )

Acacia smiled at him, "Alright," and set down the mimosa. She carefully took the shot in thin fingers and held it up close to her mouth. "Like this?" She pressed the rim of the shot glass to her mouth and waited until her was ready, tilting it just slightly toward her face and taking a small sip of the blue liquid. Her eyes shut tight as the vodka knocked into her mouth and she tilted the shot glass back to an even level, licking the excess liquid from her lips. It had a tart and almost fruity taste once the was able to get past the alcohol and she looked over at him, her features easing and even lightening up considerably, "Wow... this is surprisingly nice. It's really tart but sweet." She placed the rim of the shot against her lips again and, when he was ready, she finished it off. In reality, she had difficulty drinking it as a "shot" and did not even try. She drank it in a manner that more resembled a young, naive woman drinking sake from a little porcelain cup while her husband babbled on about business with his colleagues and she was more or less just there for show.
Amante (played by Ishu)

He downed a few more drinks, seemingly unaffected by the amount of liquior he was throwing down his throat and into his system. He kept glancing over at Lazar and the young woman he was sitting with. It took him a few seconds to recognize Tara had returned and didn't pay full attention to her until she started to saw some rather lewd things to the bartender. A laugh belted from him. It was quick but full, though he caught the rest of it in his throat before causing a scene. He pointed at her, mostly empty glass in his hand, "You, my friend, have had too many." He slid down the bar so he was beside her and put his glass down, "How about we call it a night, hm?" He didn't want to see her make a fool of herself on such an important night but it was likely he was trying to save the pitiful bartender on the other side with all of the alcohol from being "Taken advantage of" or forced to do things he could only dream about.
Lazar took the sip with her and chuckled softly whenever she said that she liked it. She was right, it was tart but sweet. There was a sting going down but it was pleasant enough to drink. It wasn't his favorite but he certainly didn't mind it. "Alright. Well on three. One, two, three." he said before he downed it quickly. It had more of a sting to it this time. There was more of it to drink also. He looked over at her and laughed softly when he watched her drink the last of it. "I'm just curious, are you always so proper? I'd like to see you with your hair down, metaphorically speaking." he said as he set his glass with watching her. She was extremely beautiful but there was something else about her he was drawn to. Perhaps it was the eyes. There was something behind them he wanted to figure out. "Is there any chance of that?" he asked softly not wanting too many other people to hear. Their company had just started here in Japan and her company was known to be a bitch about allowing other companies to survive here. That didn't mean he couldn't meet with her as a person. Well...Aki wouldn't be happy and he most certainly would get chewed out for 'reflecting badly on the company' but he wasn't afraid of Aki. Nor was he personally afraid of her company. The worst that could happen was torture or death and he had already faced those before.

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