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Mana (played by Drayle88)

The shores of Dalian Isle was a pleasant place to be. One of the nicer Islands in the Broken Sea, i t had a small village with a larger jungle around it that served the locals quite nicely. Mostly populated by Sea Elves, and a not so frequent stop with visitors, word got around fast and few things were actually kept secret.

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siltrake sighed as he swam in the crisp waters of the Dalian Isle the broken sea was a harsh place to be. the shapshifter took in the scent as he kept his form of a merman. It was easier for him to swim in this form rather then an animal. He smiled as he looked at the place and and came to the shore. He shifted and shook his self free of the sea water. He stood there on the shore and covered his body in fur covering his more unsightly parts he growled and continued to shake the water away from the red fur. He sighed and looked at the place with his green eyes and grew curious with the island. He heard his stomach growl and as the rouge and travling jester. He sighed and then walked towards the forest curious of the place. As he walked into the lush forest the scent of the vines as well as dew came over him. He smiled as he let himself shift and allow himself to have more cannine feature, he sat ont he soild and conintued to smell the air.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

The jungle trees were vacant of intelligent life, the only forms out there now merely a handful of forest dwelling creatures and a predator or two. THe village was several miles away, more if he traveled by way of the beach.
Siltrake continued to travel into the forest and smiled and frowned at the lack of people. He was happoy for the fact that he could meander alone and enjoy his shapeshifting. At the same time this mischeivious shapeshifter wanted to mess with people. Hge sighed and put on a happy face and asummed the shape of a forest wolf and began to run through the trees not caring if he stirred the wild life there. He grinned happy and let out happy yowls and utteres howls that caused birds to scatter. He travled a good distance more before he came upon a village. He tilted his head at the sight and shifted into his skin tone to match that of a nearby tree, he wanted to watch the villagers and observe how they looked, and how they acted. He wanted to know ways to make them laugh or get flustered he grinned to himself as he continued to observe.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

The viligers were elven in looks. Tall, slender, pointed ears and fair hair. However that is where the similarities stopped. They all had grey to grey blue skin, hands that were webbed, and there eyes were completely black. They dressed like island fold, light clothes and sandles. A few men carried spears heading for teh opposite coast, while a few women sat under tall trees and sewed.

Everyone else however were doing anything form those points and in between. it wasn't a busy place, but everyone seemed to serve a purpose.
Siltrake smiled and assumed the form of a creature with brightly colored feathers and began to walk through the vilage and looked at them with his green eyes. He grinned and continued to walk and then continued to watch the sea elves and smiled. He watched them how they all seemed busy and seemed to completley ignore him. He smiled and began to hum a tune.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

It was when he walked into the open that many noticed him... but did noting about it. In fact a few children looked surprisedly, but did not approach him.

However, when a melodic voice from someplace nearby started to hum along with him, that people really seemed to lose interest. The voice came from a girl , sitting in a tree and singing like an angel. Her aqua green hair hung to her back, and her crystal blue skin seemed to shimer under one's gaze. She smiled at him, dropping to the ground gracefully.
Siltrake couldn't help but grin seeing the female sea elf hum along with him. As she dropped he did and acrobatic display as a way of greeting her. As was one of his signature moves he backflipped landing on the on the ground palm downwards balancing all his weight on one arm. He smiled and contorted to look at her with his bright plumes, he then flipped back onto his feet and moved in a dancing manner a s a bird would and ending gracefully with a bow. His greene eyes immediatly locked ontot he females. He smiled breathing in the air, he continued to admire the elfs crystal blue skin. He looked to her and then stood back up and continued to grin."ah, I suppose this is the sea elf village, I have heard numerous stories of the sea elves and the many wonders of them. However I didn't know that they would look so beautiful in fact im acutally quiet inspired."he said with a happy chirp, he immediatly shapeshifted and made himself look like one of the sea elves he saw in the village with some modifications, instead of clear skin, he grew bright sapphire blue scales and keept his green eyes and made his hair a bright jade green. He smiled hoping the elf would know that he was in the buisness of making peo[ple laugh and at the same time giving people glares and jesting them.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

The woman giggled lightly behind her hand, looking around at teh elves aorund them. "They are beautiful people... But I'm afraid I am not a Sea Elf." Looking closer he would notice her facial structure looked more human, and her skin was a crystal blue instead of a slate blue.

"Who are you? I can't say I've seen or met someone like you before."
Siltrake smile and looked at the woman as he noticed her features and smiled."Ah i see your not a sea elf. hmm, oh but me? I am a shapeshifter and the one and only Siltrake sunrae. Acrobat and circus performer. At the moment sometimes I mearly just travel getting inspired and finding different colors and forms."he said elegantly and shifted into a large plummed bird as he appeared like an animal completly. he smiled looking at her and then went back to his humanoid form. He continued to smile seeing teh womans shape and form were much different from the elves. He tilted his head further and then smiled at her."ah yes if you dont mind me asking, of what species are you?"he asked rather inquisitve never forgeting to add flare to his voice.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

She laughed lyrically. "Oh, that is such an intricate question. Come, I think while I find you interesting, the locals are a bit more... edgy with flashy transformations."
Motioning for him to follow, she led him to a nearby sand bar, and she sat on a stone. "I am the only one of my kind. Not the last, only the first. I am an Ethereal Golem." And that, to anyone who knows anything about magic, should not be possible. A construct made form the ether was only what scholars laughed at and madmen said they could accomplish.
Siltrake continued to smile and bowed as they locals were on edge worried that they were going to be attacked. He siled and bowed again and did another flamboyant pose and then smiled up at her."ah it is an honor dear etheral golem. It is a pleasure to meet the first of your kind. I am still completely honored miss. Yes, yes that is wonderful. But it is simply a pleasure, it to meet you."she smiled looked at them and a smile as he asumed his signature pose yet again. He twirled and then smiled."ah but enough about me, look at you are beautiful. Tell me can i have the honor of you name miss?"he said happy.
Mana (played by Drayle88)

She smiled at him, her eyes closing in the gesture. "Mana. My name is Mana. And yours?"
He smiled his lips curling happy as he looked at the woman and smiled."Ah Mana that name that embodies the mystic powers. It is such a fitting name"he said with a smile, he did antoher acrobatic pose as he looked at her happy."ah yes i am glad that I have the pleasure of meeting you. Now tell me is this town a turist town?"he asked curious.

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