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I have an idea for people who like to keep track of records. A counter widget that can be used for well... Counting stuff. Like win and loss streaks for fighters and so forth. They could be in a 0/0/0 type format that way if someone chooses to they can keep track of a third item. Like for fighters. Wins losses and ties. Just a thought.
Kim Site Admin

Interesting. Would this be useful for anyone else?

Also, would it be more widely applicable rather than just fightin' types? Can someone else think of a reason they might want their character to have a different sort of counter?
Ilmarinen Moderator

That would be awesome and I'd put it on all of my fighter character's profiles. Maybe have the counter track from 0-5 (or more?) different items, as specified by the user. Maybe an option can let you have both a current value and a max value.

As for wider uses...
- spell regeants! (1 eye of newt / 5 hens' tooth / 22 adder tongue)
- quest items! (I have attained 8 / 10 magic crystals)
- mana!
Oooh, I like the sound of this; if it existed, I'd happily use the counter too! Sounds useful for most of my characters (as they do some form of fighting in one way or another) and maybe inventory or magic-uses for others...
Yeah, maybe if you gave the option for the counter to be in different formats, like 0/0/0 or 0-0. It could also count down to a specific date or something, like if the character or player has something important coming up rp-wise that they want to build suspense for.
Kim Site Admin

In that case, it is officially going into the list of planned widgets.

Now I just have to figure out how to design a simple UI for something like this.

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