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OC Night is something I do occasionally on my discord server, and it makes happy faces, so I'm going to try hosting it here on RpR, too.

So what is it?
It's an excuse to talk about our OCs and Headworlds (Fan OCs included!). I'll post a prompt, and you all answer them. The idea is to open everyone up and get them talking about their creative material. Ideally it helps you develop it, and maybe you'll meet someone with similar interests while you're here.

Does it matter what I like to write about?
Nope! This thread welcomes ALL genres, including fandoms. Some questions may be better suited to some genres than others, but I try to mix them up so we get a healthy balance. They're also not set in stone. You can interpret these questions or 'prompts' however you see fit. This is a very casual conversation, so don't worry too hard about whether or not your answer is on topic. As long as you're talking about a character you like to draw, write or Rp, it's good.

I'm a slow typer, is that okay?
Prompts don't time out, meaning you can answer any prompt you see in this thread at any time. So take your time. Sometimes I even recycle them!

Does my character need a page if I want to talk about them?
Naw. In fact you don't need any reference of your characters or world at all!

How do I join?
Just jump right in! You don't have to ask. If you're confused, say so! One of the nice people here will explain it, if not me.

I didn't write all these myself.
I had help from friends and members of the server were invited to submit suggestions. It's much appreciated! For the most part we have prompts covered, but if there's one you really, really want to suggest, you can PM it to me. Please don't be sad if I don't respond <3 I'll probably log it away for later and I tend to not stress over replying to messages.

What's that about Discord?
I help run a couple of roleplay servers. You can find links to them in my RpR profile. However, OC night is no longer an 'event' on discord. We have a channel where we passively post prompts and chat about characters now, instead.


Master List
[Prompt #1] Does your character have a type of tic, or bad habit?

[Prompt #2] How does your character handle a relationship, what do they want in a partner?

[Prompt #3] What would it take to push your character over the edge, temper wise? How bad do they blow when they've reached their limit?

[Prompt #4] What is an unusual social practice in your character's world? Whatever you can think of. (Examples: Humans wear make-up, eat dinner communally, hug, etc. All things that might be seen as bizarre through an other-worlder's eyes.)

[Prompt #5] What does your character use as currency? Is it different in their world? (This can include things like babysitting for a casserole. Any service in exchange for something else counts!)

[Prompt #6] What is your character's proudest moment, what was their saddest?

[Prompt #7] What do they do for a living? Do they enjoy it, or are they just doing it because they have to?

[Prompt #8] What's a little fear that your character has?

[Prompt #9] Your character has to form a temporary alliance with a stranger, how do they react?

[Prompt #10] How does your character feel about kids?

[Prompt #11] How do they deal with physical affection? (I.e. hugging)

[Prompt #12] How do they feel about lying?

[Prompt #13] Your character meets a ghost. What's their reaction?

[Prompt #14] Where was your character born?

[Prompt #15] What do your character's footsteps look like? How do they walk?
You're encouraged to share your OCs through out. So never be bashful about linking us to your OC's page!

The first prompt is,

:star:[Prompt #1] Does your character have a type of tic, or bad habit?:star:
Montte (played by Lattz)

Montte -- He bites his nails to the bed and plucks his eyelashes when nervous; sometimes unconsciously when he's feeling even the littlest bit concerned.
Cori-- Fidgets a lot, and has a bad habit of trying to open locked doors/find secrets. She's also incredibly, insatiably curious.
Alkeira (played by Cyanymph)

Alkeira bites everything. Be it a book, a person or food, she don't know what it is its going in the gob. Most do not appreciate her doing so.
I'll be using this character: Irrayithil, an elf with a curious personality, I created her recently, and haven't given her much of a test run. But she has a trinket problem, bells button feathers, all sorts of knick knacks she collects and sews into her hair. She a knitter by hobby. She comes from the Faewin Forest, an old place, with older magic. Her tribe protects it, and she volunteers for the border guard to get a glimpse of the outside world.

Irrayithil likes to pick things up off the ground. Shiny things, things that jingle. They often end up in her hair.

I usually talk about Alf, so there he is.

I could argue that Alf's worst habit has been throwing people in 'Alf jail' (the hollow cavity in his chest), but I think he's starting to realize that's a bad idea. It never works out the way he wants it to. They'll sing in there, or open a bag of potato chips.
None of these gosh darn kids are scared of getting ate. What's the world come to?

He also has a 'habit' of stealing children. I don't mean sneaking into their house at night. I mean it bothers him if he sees anyone younger than a certain age out wandering alone. Where he was raised, the young lived in tiny towns and wandering around was unthinkable because they'd get killed. I guess its instinctive!
Next prompt. Also a reminder that you can revisit an old prompt at any time. They never time out.

:star:[Prompt #2] How does your character handle a relationship, what do they want in a partner?:star:
Alkeira (played by Cyanymph)

Alkeira doesn't quiet understand relationships properly, like she can have affection for someone but looking for a say mating partner will be very different. She is very much an animal in that sense she wants something big and strong to make good offspring.

But feelings wise she struggles to understand affections often getting confused when she feels them for someone and will compensate this lack of understanding by bringing that person a lot of dead animals and shiny things.
Prompt #2 Answer:

Irrayithil -- She's never had a relationship per se. She's had close "friendships", most include a form of bribery in the form of trinkets for her hair. She doesn't actively look for a partner, but one that would appreciate her weird quirks and hobbies. She's not a "proper" elf, or highborn in any way. She would like to be able to travel, so a love for adventure, the nice kind, would be a plus. Someone that could appreciate her enthusiasm, as sometimes it does get a bit too much, but at the same time ground her in reality.
Montte (played by Lattz)

Montte -- He wants someone who exhibits the ability to maintain and raise a family, no matter the means. He wants a family and someone who cares about the family they'd make together. They'd have to be caring, not necessarily nice all the time...because he knows he's not all the time either! Respectful is a must, along with being able to make him laugh. They have to have a sense of humor...he needs it where he's at in life.
Cori is mostly looking for someone who needs her. A home to come back to, someone who won't turn her away. She really digs a sense of humor, though, and a sense of mischief is wildly attractive to her. A guy who likes kids is a definite bonus.
Creatia has a terrible stuttering habit that's prevailed ever since she was a kid. Ironically, it doesn't impede her singing since she was taught by a singing instructor as a hobby. (Sadly, she can't sing to communicate clearly, as she finds the notion silly.)
Todd: A terrible track record in relationships. Doesn't commit well, very insecure with himself, has walked out on people before because of one reason or another. Truly, he wants someone he can have fun and explore the world with. What he needs is someone stable that challenges him to be responsible.

Fiddlepin: Thinks relationships don't exist. You can like someone and get attached to them, but it's best not to slow down for anything with its own agendas in life.

Lorn: Lorn can't bring himself to think about relationships anymore. He's got too many problems of his own to worry about settling down with another person. That being said, he likes a good sense of humor and someone he can have engaging conversations with.
Alf - HMM. Relationships don't seem to be something Alf thinks about in his natural state. He's never actively looking, and probably thrives as a solitary animal with the option of hanging out with like minded creatures when he gets lonely.
I think he's oblivious of what he wants until its in front of him.

That said, he'd enjoy the company of a fellow adventurer. He's not-that-secretly a tense, insecure manimal who needs a nose pat and someone to tell him 'it's okay' once in a while.
[Prompt # 3] What would it take to push your character over the edge, temper wise? How bad do they blow when they've reached their limit?
Prompt #2:

Maxwell is very fatherly but beyond protective in a relationship, to the point of efficiently and cleanly... Killing off whoever is a prospective threat to any of his closest lovers. He takes no prisoners, just a body count. He lost count at 73. Think of him as an overprotective and doting father threatening to kill any boy (or girl, or anyone) who hurts his lovers or steals their heart away, and following through on that. Now whether his three lovers are okay with that is another bag of mixed nuts...

But who he would want in a person... If he was single? Someone who accepts everything that he is, even the dirty bits, and overall just be non-judgemental and open-minded towards him and what his needs are. That's why he's with Meliere/Alexander and his other two lovers in the first place. They don't judge him. In fact, they encourage him because it gives him satisfaction.
Cori: Doesn't like bullies. The easiest way to get her to really lose her temper is to expose her to next-level bullying/bigotry/racism. She's got a quiet temper, though, she doesn't do a lot of yelling or screaming- but she has been known to really, actually hurt someone who is attempting to hurt another.
Alkeira (played by Cyanymph)

Intense pain or taunting, Alkeira is very quick to angry especially if she is scared or unsure. Her anger can range from a terrible mauling to straight up tearing someone apart. She is not someone you want to get angry but she can be calmed easier than most in a rage if she is over powered or if she is offered kindness. She is more like an angry dog cornered than a true threat she won't plot anything against you.
Montte (played by Lattz)

Prompt #3

Montte -- It would have to be a lot, to get him from playfully malevolent and sarcastic (which is how he gets when upset by someone some times) , to actually exploding and wanting to cause someone else permanent harm. Enough of anything annoying could get him, as it would anyone.

Someone trying to get to know him without getting past certain familiar milestones can make him lash out with some intensity, but still not a lot. He doesn't like sharing himself with people who aren't established comrades or friends.

As far as what it looks like; a lot of voice raising and angry tears, cursing and plenty of item throwing.

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