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Heimdall Moderator

Anyone remember this thread from a while back?

Well, a couple of people liked the tribal RP idea that I said I wanted to explore, so I decided to whip something up. It's a laid-back RP where everyone can make decisions about the plot and where things are going. The theme is a centaur herd in the late stone/early bronze age, so this one will require new characters to fit in--or centaurize old ones, I don't care! :P There's a little bit of an intro in the first post for people to read but it isn't long, honest.
I want to join with my Fjord centaur, Doak. But I have to make him a profile... and Read that first post. :P

This Guy
Or This Guy and this Lady
Heimdall Topic Starter Moderator

That is awesome, yaaay!
I have to come up with his profile, then. And figure out a class for him :3
I want to join! But I need a spare few seconds to write up a profile first. ^^;; So I will as soon as I can!
Heimdall Topic Starter Moderator

Yay LG! I miss RPing with you so much! :D Don't worry, your profile can be pretty bare-bones right now, if need be. I plan on fleshing mine out as I go.

One thing I forgot to include in the main post (is there any way to edit posts, btw?) is that Veldt centaurs generally have a two-word name like Lilywhisper or Leapboulder or Blackmane or Riverrun, but cultures near the edge of the Veldt (or outside it) can be different. (Like Foxy's centaur, Doak!) But I'm wanting the RP to center around the Veldt as like a primordial lap kind of place. Like, it's believed that humans emerged from Africa, so centaurs are to the Veldt what humans are to Africa.
Kim Site Admin

Heimdall wrote:
One thing I forgot to include in the main post (is there any way to edit posts, btw?)

There should be a little red button that says "edit" at the top of your own posts! If there isn't it means I broke it again and someone should come collect their accolade. ;)

Oh no, this is tempting <,< Must.. not.. make.. new.. character.
Do it! My cranky old centaur lady needs people to sing at!

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