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yay! for the first time my character has a background! ^___^
Kim Site Admin

Yaaay! Character updates!

Sounds like she had a very rough childhood. :(
Cool story, bro.

That makes me think I should update some of my own characters so their sheets include their history...
I love reading other peoples character pages :3

I make mine waaaaay too in depth lol
-dart- Topic Starter

i hope this site picks up, it would be nice...but i doubt i could keep up with you people, your like hella descriptive. im too forward for that.
I've had a lot of my characters for about 8 years and I've been role-playing with them that long. So their stories have been built up :D
I myself have been roleplaying on and (very) off for almost two years. I've always been able to develop characters based on an idea I liked and I've always been able to be descriptive as far as I know, and the fact that some others (even though not most) were posting long posts back when I started only made me even more motivated to bring detail into mine.

My characters tend to be more like cartoon characters, though; gimmicky. But I guess I've been able to introduce enough depth into my style to make them seem less superficial; describing thought processes is an awesome way to deepen a character and really get into the action.

That being said, I still keep their descriptions gimmicky because they'd be far too complicated to explain if I were to give every detail about their personality... and I'd probably miss stuff; it's often better to give ourselves some elbow room with personality so as to not fall in a mould.
Kim Site Admin

Backstories are important to have at least a sketchy sense of in the beginning, but in more than a decade of RPing I've found that they're perpetual works in progress. Especially with characters that come from imaginary races or cultures or places, you slowly start to fill in the customs and linguistic traditions and all kinds of things. It's often the least dramatic touches that make a character feel the most real... Like memories of stupid games they used to play with their siblings, or the name of their first pet, or that they had an awkward gothy phase in their teens that they are a bit embarrassed about now that they are 30. And those are the kinds of things that don't usually go into a (public) character profile, but knowing them all the same makes a difference in how you play and write.

Also, @-dart-, you've said a couple times you want the site to pick up. Currently, 100% of our traffic comes from word of mouth. If you want to help out, the most awesome thing you could do would be to mention us to a few friends. ;)
-dart- Topic Starter

i did, i advertise on like 4 different sites i rp on
This reminds me that I still haven't finished Judas's history. Or drawn him. XD

Yay, Dart! Congrats on getting that done! ^^
I love character back-stories! I just don't like posting mine where other players can see them, because invariably players will let something slip and use the information IC. ): I'd much rather let people find out my character's history through RP.

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