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Hi there! Soo, I'm Andromeda (or Andie if you want), and I'm new. Not new to roleplaying - I've been writing between that and stories/fanfiction for over 15 years. Still at it, apparently. I just can't get away. xP

My biggest muse lately has been a FFXV OC named Nyxia (currently working on a fanfiction with her and kind of just need some motivation), but I roleplay more than just that. I like Harry Potter, LotR/Hobbit, True Blood, Buffyverse...

Uhh, I'll add to this list as time goes. xP

Anyway, I no doubt will add more characters to my profile, too.

Hope to get to posting with some of you guys soon!

Welcome to RPR! It's a great site with a great community and I wish you all the best in finding what you're looking for here!

Harry Potter is lit XD welcome to the site!
Welcome to the RPR! I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask, we'd be glad to help, and dont hesitate to ask for an RP, most people are looking very often!
Welcome to RP Repository!! This site is super cool so I am sure you'll have no problems whatsoever finding friends and people to roleplay with. I love reading fanfictions though, those are a lot of fun to read through and see people's creativity.

Hello and Welcome to the RPR Family!
Welcome! I hope you have a great time here and find everything you're looking for. :)

Welcome to RPR. I'm Asroc. I RP many and mostly Canons, but I am friendly to OC RPers and will RP with them. I do mainly AU RPs as them. Enjoy your time here.

Welcome to RPR! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Hello and welcome i hope you like it here and meet some friendly people
Welcome to RPR. I hope you find lots of great games, fantastic friends and all in all enjoy your time here. Happy gaming! :D

Welcome to the RPR! There are so many fun things to do here! I hope you enjoy it! Have fun writing!

Hello and welcome to RPR. You're among the best freinds and roleplayers ever here. Enjoy your stay here.
Hey Andie! Welcome!
Andromeda2050 Topic Starter

Hey everyone! I've been away for a while, due to personal life and then COVID. Hope everyone is staying safe! I figured I'd announce my return somehow, so here it goes...

I'm back!!! xD

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