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I'm good. Most of my chores are done and laundry is in the washer. :D
AWwwww yeah, best feeling! Any clue whatcha gonna do with the free time?
I have one last chore to do, myself, but that's not til dinnertime,
I might edit some pics of a new character I want to create. Might watch a TV show on Paramount+
New character? ooooh
And since all the character templates from various RPG's aren't to my personal liking, I might create my own.
I've been working a bit on my angel character, I might make some femme-presenting refs of this character because yay, Gender-Fluid Celestial Entity
Oooo new character templates are always fire, good luck with that!
& NICE, somehow genderfluid bizz seems to fit that theme real well
Thanks, Garn. ^_^
I know this is a late reply, but, I'm terrified of worms too. XD
I can see a worm on the ground and be like "aw cute a worm" but if that thing gets near me, on me, or I dig it up when digging in the dirt, I flip tf out XD
I'm glad you at least have the tolerance to look at a unmoving worms bhahaha

I remember when I was a wee kiddo and I came back from swimming lessons and a worm just SPAWNED from right under my feet, haven't trusted rainy soil since
Kemeno (played by Reithesniper)

Not to bother yall but like, I made this thing!

Yeah thats it-

Thats all I had to say
Very nice! ^_^
NICE BRO- this your new characteR?
Yeah basically, she's not all that special tho
She's special to you, isn't she? ;)
Yeah, but imma make her a friend
Nice, nice

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