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I'ma play some mario vs luigi online :P

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Sanne Moderator

Alright! I'll be here, just coding along. :D Have fun!!
*singing* procrastinating on Pinterest again, doo da, doo da!
Good morning, everyone.
Good Morning.
How are you today?
I'm fine, you?
We chilling in math class. Doing irrational square roots. Makes me want to unalive myself.
my brain hurts and my class is singing all i want for christmas help
How we doing today folks?
Just got done having breakfast, Dairy Queen biscuits & gravy with a Monster.
Sanne Moderator

Oooh that sounds good!!
Sanne Moderator

My partner is out grabbing some groceries real quick and then I'm ordering us some fancy takeout (it's not fancy but it's a luxury treat to order out lol)
Ah, very nice!
My school is annoying
Alas, I fear it is necessary for you youngins

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