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Taryn Tucker (played by Pineapple)

Went to give a kudos to a friend of mine wont post. I've tried several times but it just freezes or refreshes the page.

I know that it's within the 500 character limit, I actually had to break it up into two in order to make it all fit. (Sidenote: I'd loooove more 500 character to rave about my amazing partners). I'm using the newest version of chrome for my moblie. >.> the only thing I can think of is I was attempting to paste the text which I wrote in word processing app to the kudos box.

Any suggestions or help would be very appriciated.

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Taryn Tucker (played by Pineapple)

Got it posted, ignore this. Whatever the issue I was having vanished, I'm still not sure what it was though as I did everything the same way as yesterday and it posted without any problem this time.
If you have this or a similar issue again, that's actually something to be sent in as a bug report! The form can be found in the Help dropdown as "Report a Problem." :)
Taryn Tucker (played by Pineapple)

Will be submitting a report as this issue has popped up again

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