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Forums » Help » Link (url) function not working?

So I've been trying to use the link function when sending messages or posting forums - but the button you use to manually click and paste the link into and have it appear as a word rather than a long url link (instead of typing out the code myself because I'm lazy) disappears and then proceeds to stop me from typing in the box. I'm sorry if this sounds like a bunch of nonsense, I've done my best to explain it ^^;

But I'm using chrome if that helps?
This issue has come up before, and I'm with you, Auxiline! It keeps happening and then locks me out of editing my post any further to the point I have to not only refresh sometimes, but make a completely new window. I've gotten into the habit of typing out the [ url] code to avoid it at this point, honestly.
Kim Site Admin

This has been a long-standing issue that keeps randomly starting and stopping. I've been unsuccessful tracking down the cause despite much effort! I'm still working on it though! So sorry for the inconvenience -- I HATE this one when it happens to me!
I've had this once or twice, but it's not really been an issue for me. I'm on Firefox - I refuse to trust chrome XD it's given me nothing but problems, coding errors and viruses in the past. Come the revolution! Firefox forever! Anyway, back to topic...

Maybe try installing the Firefox and see if this makes a difference for you? Always worth a shot?
When the editor locks up, I've noticed that either tab or alt (can't remember which) will often get it working again without refreshing the page. I hadn't really even made that connection. I think when it locks up for me, it's different circumstances than with the url thing.

Fortunately, I'm familiar enough with BBCode that I can just type it out. I just appreciate the lazy speed of being able to use the button. ^^;

(I actually switched to Chrome awhile back because I kept having problems with Firefox. XD)

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