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Wade (played by Sarlic)

((lets continue it here, so others can join easier))
Carly (played by Starwarsfan)

Selene (played by Rosa)

Soo.. we gonna RP 😎
Selene (played by Rosa)

I would think thats why we are here. 😉😜
* he walks the hallways carring some books* I'm 418 and the teachers here treat me like a kid?
Felicity (played anonymously)

* he walks near Felicity* did you get anything from that math class and are you okay you look like sad soup
Selene (played by Rosa)

*eclipsa runs by the.* "at least you woke up on time! sooo in trouble.
You think you are? I got cuaght skipping and now I have calculus and I have no idea how to do that!
Selene (played by Rosa)

*eclipse stops* oh thats just math.
Well can you please help me with the homwork?im greatly confussed
Wade (played by Sarlic)

"just math? some people really suck at math"wade says peeking over at them"him for example"
* rolls his eyes*its not my fualt back in my days math wasnt a thing! Now it is and it has letters and numbers! They are just making me do it cuase in skipped, I just need help on the bottom half of the work sheet and them I'm goot * rolls his eyes* never going to skip again
Wade (played by Sarlic)

"eclipse I bet his no skip policy will last a week at most"
* rolls his eyes* I'm heading to the dorm to finish this I have untill 10pm to get this done or I wont be able to eat tonight * he walks to the dorm*
Wade (played by Sarlic)

"don't you just eat deer though"
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

Sage grabbed her things and walked out of the classroom "at least I know how to not be a procrastinator."
I'm not a procrastinator and yes I do but I cant eat until it's done they wont let me * he sits down at his desk* two questions left.... is it nine?*scratches his head* ug I'm starving my fangs actually hurt.. what are degrees? WADE your American culture uses degrees what are they , dont you use celcius?!

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