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Peacekeeper (played by Gregory)

THE SETTING / PLOT : the year is 2031 in chicago and the advancement of robots has long since begun. there are robots for everything; factory workers, butlers and maids, caretakers, nurses, surgeons.. even your mailman could be a robot. Humans, of course, still rule the earth and have avery terminator like view on robots. they believe that they will be a human’s downfall. however, with every race and ever species there will be an uprising. an underground organisation or robotic humanoids and their sympathisers has begun to form, and they want to be more than just machines. tonight is their first meeting. over one hundred people were asked to go to a meeting at an abandoned hospital at 1AM sharp, and they all intend to go.

- this is roleplay based on detriot: become human, however, you may NOT play existing characters from the game. like i said this is only based on the game.
- please follow the forum rules!
- do NOT cause ooc drama. if you cause ooc drama, you will immediately be reported to staff. however, IC drama is encouraged!
- no god modding, powerplay, or mini modding
- i ask that you have fairly good grammar and spelling (as long as i can tell what you’re saying, you’re good), but i don’t require capitalisation, as i don’t capitalise most things myself.
- no 1-2 liners. write at least three GOOD sentences. if you don’t feel like you can do that, then it’s as simple as not joining.
- you may only play either a human, cyborg (human with robotic parts or minor enhancements), or a robotic humanoid. pets may be played but they aren’t seen as sentient.


it had been a very strange day for peacekeeper. they had left Opal’s home to get some food with the young woman only to be approached by a strange, shrouded man. the man was much smaller than peacekeeper, body hidden by a trench coat and face covered by the rim of a beige trilby hat. the man had had offered them a flier that read: “robots and sympathisers, abandoned hospital building on tenth street, 1AM sharp”.

peacekeeper has found it very curious, but despite the dangers, the two had gone to the meeting place anyways. upon entering the building, opal kept close to them, holding their arm with a vice grip and whispering about how this was a bad idea. peacekeeper simply looked down at the girl and began to move up the stairs until they reached the old cafeteria. it was filled with nearly 100 humans, cyborgs, and robots, all come together to see what this is about.

finally, a man stepped up onto a table, and peacekeepers sensors told them that this was the same man from earlier.

welcome, everyone! my name is Eric, i’m sure you’re all curious as to why you’ve been called upon to meet here!” there was a murmur that swam through the ground as the man spoke before everyone returned their gazes to the man. “you have all been chosen for one of three reasons! you are either a sentient robot, a cyborg, or a robot sympathiser. my team has been watching you all closely, and the results show that you are our strongest, our smartest, our bravest candidates to join our rebellion against the human oppressors!

the man was so loud, so loud that he could be heard over the sound of he crowd, all of which chartered about whatever the hell was going on. peacekeeper sat a hand on Opal’s shoulder, pulling her in close to their side.

we are the underground, and we are here to free you! and that.. that is my promise!

cheers broke out through the abandoned cafeteria, and peacekeeper knew this would be the start of something.. huge.
Ebelen Harr (played by Coltshan)

Vincent murmured to himself as the man called eric, made his speech. This kind of talk always ended in riots, unless they did a peaceful protest, but that seemed unlikely if only a hundred people in the city were all who actually qualified. Still, he had nothing else better to do and leaned against a wall with a yawn,parting my black head of hair to the side.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

(Exos are former humans placed into a robotic body; they keep the human wants and needs, but within a purely mechanical shell.)

He truly hadn’t understood the point of this protest; true, he was treated worse than he should have, but at least he was an advancement in humankind, at least according to Clovis Bray. As he stood on the sidelines, he noticed the crowd getting riled up. Something was a big off here, and he wasn’t sure he liked it.

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