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There is always that one show that really tugs at your heartstrings, hits your soft spots, but have you ever watched a show, or a movie that makes it almost impossible to finish, because of how much it really hurts you on an emotional level?

In my experience, I have to say that the anime (and manga!) of Akame ga Kill! absolutely ruined me. It was a tragic series, and despite it being over a year since I finished it, to this day, the ending and the episodes leading up to the ending have left some pretty deep scars (figuratively, of course.), that I have found hard to recover from.

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Berserk lol the end of the golden age. I remember sitting there going, did I dream that? Was that actually the end of the show? No.... Not possible. And then I watched it again and couldn't sleep for days. I was so crushed I cried lol. People talk about Game of thrones and the red wedding and I'm just here sipping my tea.

Sure, I'll bite.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Also known as Your Lie In April to most people. The show tore me apart and left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth. The ending being sad and extremely heart breaking, with the plot slowly building up to such a sad climax the entire time. You know it's coming throughout the entirety of the show, but it still left me speechless. First show to make me cry in a long time.
Banana Fish is just emotionally wrecking.

I started bawling like a baby at one point, couldn't calm myself down.

Veeeeery underrated anime that got flooded with other titles, while it's a true masterpiece of the last year.

Shows true love, true dedication and the biggest amounts of sadness and pain one can imagine.
I almost dreaded finishing the third season of one day at a time. The show means so much to me because it takes up really important topics and while doing so, it still manages to be a comedy show. The characters make me laugh, cry and smile throughout their experiences :’)
I've got a few, although one is a movie so I'm not sure if it counts.

The first time I ever saw the Watchmen movie, I was absolutely wrecked. The character development and decay, the sense of hopelessness, the ending! The ending that leaves you with a hole in your heart, wondering at the fate of the world after everything that's happened! Watchmen really made me question some things, in the best and worst ways possible for a movie. Fantastic film, but after I saw it for the first time I walked away with a sense of existential dread that persisted for days.

Now for shows. I haven't seen all of the second season, but the first season of Stranger Things ripped out my heartstrings for sure. Winona Ryder's acting in that show is phenomenal. She really makes you feel the gut-wrenching horror and desperation of a mother whose son has gone missing, and as her character cracks under the pressure you just have to cry because she loves her son so much. I think that's what got me about Stranger Things even more than the fantastic horror elements of the show or the portrayals of kids being kids or Eleven, oh my goodness Eleven. All great, but Winona Ryder as Joyce stole my heart.
by way of movies, annihilation was a wonderworld i never wanted to leave. if 'cosmic horror' sounds enticing to you, it will be one to watch.
If we're talking anime, Assassination Classroom definitely first came to mind. A bit of a spoiler: A yellow bipedal octopus becomes a homeroom teacher of a class that is filled with failing students and those who often break school regulations. In short, students who refuse to conform to school expectations. The octopus does not fail to fulfill his role as their educator and over the course of the series, he becomes their father figure and eventually passes away due to being classified as a threat by world leaders.

While we're at it, I could also give recommendations if you're up for it. They're all anime.

- Angel Beats
- Clannad: After Story
- One Week Friends
- Erased
- Plastic Memories
- A Silent Voice (movie)
- Death Parade
- Five Centimeters Per Second
- The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

NANA anime had me sobbing like no other show/movie. I really wanted to read manga, which I did start and stopped because I couldn't handle how emotional this makes me. I saw the anime for the first time years ago, and tried to rewatch it, but it was practically impossible to me, given that it's a show that focuses on real life and the possibilities of those things that can happen. Worst thing is, I kind of already went through some of the things that went on in the show, which is why it hit me so hard.

I can't even listen to the bloody soundtrack of the show, even though I love it to bits. Ugh!

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