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Moll (played by TheLittleWitch)

Have you heard the rumors of the Fae Folk that reside in this forest? Are you hoping for something in your life to be swayed in your favor, with their helping touch? Are you willing to take the gamble of their judgement?

Have you heard the whispers of a bitter and wicked witch, with a hatred for mankind lurking in the depths of the pine trees? Just waiting for lost travelers to fall in to her claws? Are you here to seek her out, for a service or for her heart?

How about the tales of the wild things that stalk these grounds? Ferocious beasts with foul claws and teeth? Are you here to hunt?

Do you reside here, too?

Are you Lost?

What brings you to these woods?

Before the mountains, miles within the thick, lush pine forest, the trees begin to thin to a field of untamed, long grasses and poppy flowers. The cool, morning air was cultivating a sea of fog, rolling down from the mountains in leisure waves. It was comfortably quiet, with only the chipper dawn songs of birds and the chattering of small forest critters just starting their days.

It smelt strongly of pine and of fresh rain here.

Gradually, another sound began to trickle into the tranquil setting. A strange, yet alluring call that began soft and gentle before building into a proud and eerie echo.

A young looking woman had appeared in the field through the shrouds of dancing mist, the source of the beautiful kulning. Her finger tips and inner lips were tinted a pale violet, like the dead's, evidence of her gatherings; a woven basket filled with blueberries hanging from the crook of her right elbow.

The once-white dress she wore was stained by the wet grass she was wading through, but that didn't seem to be a care of her's. Her dark hair tumbled uncombed down her ribcage, brushing just above her waist. The tip of her nose and the heights of her cheekbones were naturally pink, but the crisp, morning air flushed them a redder hue.

Across the field, the furry faces of Highland Cattle began to emerge one or two at a time. They herded towards the peculiar being, beckoned by her song, emitting gentle moos as they trotted forth. Soon, they were flocking around the lithe woman, who seemed happy to see them.

She greeted them with an odd coo that sounded similar to a purr, nearly. She ran her fingers through the long, shaggy hair that grew from the top of their heads like messy bangs, and delicately traced nimble fingers over the length of their horizontal horns.

Her kulning had ebbed away to a humming as she kissed the warm, fuzzy noses of a few of her friends, before offering her basket of blueberries out to them.

After a few, long moments of tender 'Good Mornings', the dark haired maiden began stepping through the gathering of reddish colored cattle. They morphed like the flow of water, turning and trailing after her in a natural unison.

She led them deeper into the dew-slick field, collecting colorful poppies along the way to adorn their hair or her's later, once they'd reached Home.

(This is a brand spanken new character of mine, and I wanted to test the waters! Thanks for reading! If you'd like to respond to this entrance, feel free to DM me!)

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Shinobi - Riki (played by Asroc)

((THis seems fun! I may join with myy smol boi. I need to work on his bio!))
Izolt (played by Rekogi)

I’d love to join this with my character, Izolt!
Dot Drowned (played by YoutubeElf)

This seems like a lot of fun! Would love to join in!
Tom (played by dabomb217op)

I would love to join this as well with this character
Star (played by Elisora)

This sounds interesting and fun i would like to join as this character~
Alayla (played by DancingDawn)

((Might be interested))
Nelly (played by Pen_Tsunami)

This is a super-duper late reply but sign me up
Moll (played by TheLittleWitch)

Anyone still interested may dm me a character reply post and we can roll from there!

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