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The key to a successful RP is how immersive it is. With the current setup of customizing text, we can only do so much within the realm of what's already there, but I propose this idea:

TWINE TEXT STYLES/MACROS. It's in the title.

Getting this idea from Twine, a program that writers use to tell interactive stories, it would be quite interesting to use in weaving more imagery in RP plots. The extensive list is seen here:

I've never made a suggestion before in this forum, so apologies if it's short...
I would be ok with this as long as the hard to read ones were not added.
I'd actually find that pretty distracting from an RP, and for many it might become near impossible to read if people were using some of those. We already have a standard collection of styles available, and I think some of those others would be avoided for the same reason Kim's avoided easy access to certain other types of styling.

Don't worry about the length of a suggestion, though. :) Brief is actually good! So long as you can be clear about what it is you'd like to see.

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