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I LOVE anime but I haven't watched any new ones recently. I love romance ones but I also like things like FMA and death note. I thought u guys would probably have some great suggestions so I came here first.
I'll list several anime that I love (though not all, obviously) just to give u an idea of what I like.

Fruits basket
Death note
Dragon Ball Z
Soul eater
Black butler
Maid Sama
Devil's Line is a good one. It's dark, but about vampires. It's kinda adult though; it has some steamy scenes.

Say I Love You is a great romance anime.

The new Fruits Basket reboot is good so far, and is still putting out episodes.

Black Clover is alright, I'm not super far into it but its magic and wizards and has some great characters.

Angel Beats is good if you like crying over anime.

Tokyo Ghoul, if youre looking for horror and stuff.
Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons, is a pretty good anime, I'd recommend. Lots of cool maction and mech fights.

Also Siaki-K. Awesome Slice of life story with an outrageous premise.
One Punch Man.
asherb92 Topic Starter

I like crying over anything tbh 😂

Yes!! And the reboot follows the manga, so once it gets further along it'll be different from the original series. Its on season one right now and is supposed to get more seasons
I want to list some old classics.

Cowboy Bebop
Outlaw Star
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Gurren Laggan
Code Geass
Voltron the newer reboot is good, but I haven't seen all of it.
Samurai Champloo
Paranoia Agent (very intense psychological stuff.)
Eureka 7
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Sword Art Online
Madoka Magica 's a favourite

I remember enjoying Assassination Classroom too

Check out this years season anime, cause it's one of better seasons, since 2011? Also Code Geass is definitely on top of my list.
Violet Evergarden (Series)

Expelled from Paradise (Movie)

Howl's Moving Castle (Movie)

The Adventures of Sinbad (Series)

Magi (Series that is connected to The Adventures of Sinbad)

The Seven Deadly Sins (Series and Movie)
Alright, lots of recomendations and fine tastes. Let me go for my "Arrogant snuff" fedora and start with my choices.

Ga rei zero. Anime, only 12 chapters, a classic but more importantly, it's a precuel for the manga "ga rei" another classic criminally underrated. Watch them in that order.

Mushishi. The original one of 2006, the animation is beautiful and the episodic storyline keeps it simple but not boring.

If we talk about movies i will assume you have already watch all studios gibli films, if not go do that right now and stop bringing shame to your family.

So, i recomend red line, awsome movie, you will never find a better animation and artwork, a full hand draw animation with no shortcuts and prioritizing quality in every single frame. Red line is a miracle that will hardly ever repeat itself.

Ghost in the shell. A classic that every anime fan most watch

Ghost in the shell innocence. Beautiful animation and one of the most pretty and impressive cgi and hand draw animation blending i have witness.

Now if you like romance, a couple of classics i dont found the need to explain.

Video girl

Dn angel


Ookami san to shichinin no nakama tachi

Nozoki anna (not recomended for minors. Mature content yada yadi yada)

Angel beats


Air tv ( the ovas and movie are also good. But lots of drama little romance. Is more of a onion ninjas thing)

Noragami ( i recomend the manga first but i understand not everyone enjoys reading in silence with the anime right there)



Fukumenkei noise

And i will leave it there. You have almost a full year of recomendations there already.
Another post because i just finished kaguya sama love is war.

You are gonna love it. It has romance comedy and death note like mind games.

Hyuka is another one similar if you are into it.
asherb92 Topic Starter

Wooh! Can’t wait to start making my way through the list!
I may may mentioned anime others did, but I'm putting them anyways because I second their recommendation!
Click to reveal list!
- Sword Art Online
- Food Wars (save for foodgasms)
- Angel Beats
- Your Lie in April
- Your Name (film)
- Five Centimeters per Second (film)
- Clannad: After Story
- Yes, there is a Fruits Basket reboot
- Rising of Shield Hero
- Cells at Work!
- Overlord
- Black Clover
- Psycho Pass
- My Hero Academia
- Samurai Champloo
- March Comes in like a Lion
- Accel World
- Future Diary
- The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
- Guilty Crown
- Yona of the Dawn
- Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay night: UBW
- Assassination Classroom
- ANY Studio Ghibli films
- Blue Exorcist
- Death Parade
- Gangsta.
- Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
- Hellsing
- Hunter x Hunter (2011)
- Joker Game
- Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
- Ao Haru Ride
- Kokoro Connect
- Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
- Kuroko's Basketball
- Haikyuu
- Black Butler
- Beyond the Boundary

This is just a small fraction of what I've seen, but you can explore a bit more as you've seen more shows!

*Source: MAL
I am not a big fan of amine trust me I only like a small handfull of anime series, but I did fine and became a fan of one call " Cells at Work ". It is from the same company behind " Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba " and it is a great series. The second season and spin off " Cells at Work : Code Black " is coming out in a couple days.
Coffin King (played by Vozhad)

Hellsing Ultimate OVA(10episodes) and Hellsing (13episodes)

Black Blood brothers

Vampire knight

Blood lad

Diabolic lovers



Owari Seraph

Tokyo Ghoul

Full metal alchemist

D. Gray.Man


Naruto (Only because of Kakashi)

One punch man

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