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(Sorry about the title I couldnt think of anything else to call this-)

Lately it seems like every conversation I end up in is an argument, almost like everyone is out to pick a fight with me when I'm just looking to maybe talk about some stuff that interests me. So I try to shy away from whatever they're arguing about and then nobody talks at all, and just, I Feel like I'm walking on eggshells. Plus, nobody really seems to want to RP at all. Everyone either has requirements I cant fulfill or is busy or whatever.

So out of sheer frustration and maybe desire to have a... calm, friendly conversation. I thought to make a post, half vent half friend request. Theres alot of stuff I have on my mind, a few things I wanted to RP that nobody seems to want to do, and every ocnversation seems to end in some argument. I'm mostly fine talking about whatever but most of the stuff that is on my mind personally is... a pretty weird grab bag if we're being honest. Nuclear power, systems of administration, clothing styles, art... I'd just kinda like to be able to just go off on tangents and not feel like the other person I'm talking to is actively trying to find stuff to shout at me about, ya know?

Ah, I dont really even know why I'm making this post or what I expect it to accomplish. This is practically just a train of thought monologue now. Just nobody seems to want to talk, and if they do, they just want to argue. And also, doubly so, nobody seems at all interested in any rp ideas I come up with, so I kinda wonder why I even bother. I guess something about me just brings out the worst and disinterest in people, huh?

Oh well. Thats life I suppose. Sigh

Really I ought to just stop thinking at all. All this is just a diversion. Damn shame I cant just forget all about it. Guess we're just cursed to walk in these circles.
Can't say I relate or understand.
However I think I can try to comply your request.

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