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A grey dusk had fallen. Monsoon rainwater tore through a jade canopy, yet hardly enough to douse the petrolic flames, smothering across the newly made rivers. Illusionary figures of bright crimson - brought to life by the inferno - danced across the burgeoning pools, slaves to the synthetic stimuli that now contaminated this flood. Embering tendrils coursed toward the neighbouring trees like a crackling plague; the downpour was of no saviour to the rooted bark, as a smog soon churned from the branches like glowing veins. Corrugated remains of junk floated across the ring of fire, originating from a spherical vessel with an exposed hull, it's robotic pilot barely hanging from the grasp of a vine, dormant above the rising waters.

Not even the loud ravings of exotic fauna were enough to stir Advunturion's hearing receptors, as amphibious monkey-like creatures leapt and scampered to escape the razing of their nests by this sleeping invader. They howled like a rabid mob, somehow dulled by the boom of thunder that erupted seconds after each flash of pure white. Eventually, these former hideouts would give way as their foundations collapsed under the searing flames. The tangled vines soon cracked under pressure too, the Living Machine plunged into the murky surface.

And yet, this still was not enough to sever him from his robotic dreams.

His bronze form floated across the pond, riddled with weeds and strange bugs as he coursed toward a muddy island, unnatural flame still licking the wetted shell of his exoskeleton. By a newly made coastline of mud and moss, Advunturion's inanimate body lay slumped into squelching quicksand as the rain cruelly buried him deeper into the mess 'til only his cyclopean bulb of a head jutted from the soil.

How long the pilot and his vessel languished here held no matter -- it was unfortunate enough that a monsoon had enveloped them both deep in it's eye. Moments passed; the flooding only swelled alongside the fire, casting a red beam over the foggy horizon for any to observe like an overcast sunrise. Even within this blinding weather, the crash was terribly plain for others to notice.

How long would it take for Advunturion to stir before he was swallowed by the rising muck, or trampled under the remains of alien scrap and submerged bark..?
Ember Kamura (played by Ember_Wolf)

((Hm, this seems intresting. Could I join with Ember? I'd like some info))

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