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Lostvayne is a curved shortsword with the Dragon tattoo emblem into its hilt and five holes along the middle of the sharp blade, and 5 half-moon holes along the other side of the blade. The blade is split into two different colors, the sharp part is silver and the opposite is a dark green moss.

Special ability:Can create clones,but at a cost of your power
Gideon is a war hammer,its head being double-sided with one side being a typical hammer and the other being a warpick.
Special Ability:Make you manipulate the earth below, give you an advantage due to slow swinging speed.
Chastiefol has ten different forms, but frequently appears as a mottled, green pillow.During combat, it can transform into a long, broad spear with two out-turned lugs at the base of the head, that forms a guard similar to that of a boar spear.
Heritt:Herritt is a pair of luminous, purple energy bows that appear at will.They are not fired in the conventional sense where one would need two hands in order to hold and draw the bows, but are instead magically drawn, allowing them to be fired in tandem.

Special Ability:Allows you to enter people's memory,but this doesn't always work.

Aldan:Aldian look like a floating magic ball,cause that what it is pretty much.

Special Ability:Has a range of spell,going from weak,to devastating

Rhitta:Rhitta is giant ornamental axe with a blade shaped like a crescent moon, similar to that of a Monk's spade. The axe also features two golden protrusions, one larger than the other, with the white tips of a spear, the longer one is in the middle at the top of the axe and the smaller one is on the opposite of the blade of the axe. The handle is dark blue and it features a golden semicircular guard with four golden spikes on it.

Special Ability: Absorbs the sun energy,to make you strikes more powerful.

Chourechose:Courechouse appears as a ornate four section-staff with the ends being spikes

Special Ability:The more the user is focus,the faster and wider his/her attacks become

Wassup, I'm here. I can't be fore long tho. Long enough to make a character.

Hey would I be able to join this RP?
Yes,I just have to repost the IC
Hey, I was told to come here.

Hey, is it all right if I join?
I am gonna vanish for abit so i thought i let you know
Can I join in? It looks fun, sorry if I’m late I’m barley check notifications when I’m not in a big role play :p

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