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Hey everyone! I wanted to strike up some discussion and ask for opinions on something I don't think I've seen before. At least, not publicly. I didn't see any topics about this subject specifically either.

I'm interested in starting a setting for other people to play in. The best thing I can liken it to is participating in a larger-scale version of D&D, except the RP is free form rather than being bound by strict character sheets and dice mechanics.

The main idea is that I would be DMing with the goal of starting story lines and help players keep them going by bringing in NPCs for characters to interact with, pop up with surprise obstacles hey must overcome, and just generally provide all the fun little bits to keep things fresh and interesting. It would be my job as DM to keep things consistent and keep track of all the stories happening and tossing in little bits of hints and clues of events/encounters that players can participate in. Pretty much all the things a normal DM would do as far as providing story but without dice for everything. I am considering keeping things like perception checks and saving throws. But for the sake of keeping things freeform, I probably won't. I want to emphasize power to the players rather than the DM just constantly nudging everyone around.

The world itself would have some strict character guidelines to make sure things remain fair. There would be a cast of NPCs that could be approached at any time. Cities and settings would have detailed descriptions and a list of places that characters would want to check out. There would be a larger overworld so characters could travel and see what the lands have to offer. Or if they want to stay put, there would be plenty of things happening to keep players engaged. There would be some things that could potentially cause stories to cross or new events to happen that could affect more than one group.

This is all just an idea so I don't have an fleshed out systems or anything. But I did want to see what you guys thought about RPing in this kind of "curated" experience where there would be slightly-strict continuity.

Would you be interested in joining this kind of game?
What kinds of features/mechanics would like like or dislike in that kind setting?
What concerns would you have, if you were to join?
How strict would you be willing to go before the rules became off-putting?
How do you feel about having an unseen force influence your RPs?

Any kind of opinions are welcomed!
Just wanted to add to this that I have been in rps like this where the OP played a dm style role and may or may not have brought a single use character for themselves to play. I definately hold an interest in this style of game! Unfortunately most all of those games I have been in havent gotten very far, and not because of the style. Idk if it's just me or what, but group rps seem destined to dissolve (at least the ones I've experienced) a lot of times rather quickly even.

You know if you did want to keep perception rolls and such you could post this as occasional dice use, though I feel like that might slow the game down some unless players offered their role initially rather than being asked to by the gm, which comes down to self policing mostly I suppose.

What would most I would want to see is that my characters fit into the world in their originally created way, I normally dont make alterations for the sake of an rp and will instead just find a different one. To be clear I can alter a few back story things to include a character in the world but removing fundamental character or racial facts is not something I would want to do. Outside of that as long as I felt my character was respected for what they were and their strengths and weaknesses taken into account the more strict rule of things I think wouldn't bother me so much (I guess I'm a big character person)

To be honest, theres someone on rpr that comes to mind as a good person to ask. Honestly there are likely several, but the person I've most often seen and experienced running these style of games is Juls, I'll bet she could offer all kinds of helpful insights and suggestions if that's what you're looking for, she's pretty experienced in this field.

Edit: btw I cant get over your hair color, its lovely <3
This sounds dope. I really don't have anything else to say other than wishes though! I'd give it a shot for sure.
I've never participated in one so I'm not sure about the longevity of them, but I can imagine if the people playing don't mess well, it could dissolve pretty fast. :c Hopefully that wouldn't be the case. Hopefully people would communicate to both me and the other players about anything they needed or wanted to be happy in the group. Obviously I can't please everyone in my storytelling, but hopefully people are willing be mature and compromise.

I like the mechanic of perception rolls, but I absolutely agree they would slow things down. That's why I'm so torn on it, I guess. It feels a lot more natural in terms of what could actually happen. A character isn't always going to get everything right. But it also kinda ignores a character's innate talents if there isn't stats and add proficients. Argh!

My original idea about character availability was that there would be races 'native' to the area and then races that are outside of that can be transplants from other nations who traveled there. It would have to be a case-by-case basis type thing but I can't think of many characters I would flat out deny. The biggest thing I would be looking for is making sure any particular character fits the technology of the world. If it's a swords-and-magic fantasy setting, I can't toss in some dude with a cell phone and glock, you know? I love people's characters for what they are! I wouldn't want them to change their imagination babies too much. AU versions are fine in my opinion, though!

PS - thank you! It's a wig though ;u; Arda Wigs color cobalt blue if you want that color for yourself!

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