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A long time ago, in China, a baby was born, who began to glow shortly after birth. No one knew how the baby started to glow, nor why. Not long after, another baby was born, who began displaying strange powers. And then another, and another, until eventually the people born with some kind of strange quirk began to outnumber those born with out.

The world soon fell into chaos. Those with powerful quirks, and less than decent morals began using their quirks to take advantage of their powers. Some simply used it for immediate personal gain, stealing money, or other valuables. Others used it to try and gain power, trying to take over cities, and in some cases entire countries. Eventually, some began using their quirks to fight off these villains, becoming the first heroes.

The first hero to appear in the United States was named Heracles, and his quirk gave him immense strength. He was responsible for stopping a good deal of the villains that had appeared in his time. Despite this, he was only one man. As the years went on he eventually founded the United Coalition of Heroes with six other prominent heroes from his time.

The UCH started out as simply a lose coalition of Heroes working to protect the country, but eventually as more heroes appeared, and quirks became more common, the government took the UCH in as an official branch of law enforcement specifically dedicated to dealing with villains that police on they're own couldn't deal with. Eventually more hero agencies appeared. Whilst they were still regulated by the government, they were allowed to operate mostly independently, though the UCH remained the largest and most well known.

As time went on schools were founded to teach newer generations to be heroes. One of the most notable in the country was the Heracles Academy for Heroes, founded by and named after Heracles. The school had just recently finished it's latest Entrance exams, which consisted of several different tests, both written and practical, for the different categories of heroes.

A young boy stood at the collective mail box for everyone who lived on the street he did, looking over a few letters. His skin was grey, pointed ears, and his eyes were a bright yellow with slit-like pupils. He wore a brown pilot's jacket, pilot cap, a burgundy t-shirt, and grey jeans. "Shit I don't care about. Shit I don't care about. Cris's stupid magazine...." He grumbled to himself, before stopping at a letter with the Heracles Academy logo on it. He hastily opened it and pulled out the letter, beginning to read it over. He grinned. "Hell yeah! I'm in!" He said ecstatically. He had taken a 'general' set of tests, one of the most common kind to take at the school, and whilst he didn't make the best grades on the written exam, he did amazingly on the practical.

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Falderan (played by Dreath)

The day results went out was a day that would put an end to anxious paranoia or confirm peoples deepest fears. Not everyone who applied got into the school of their dreams but for those that did it was a day of celebration and relieved gasps. One this that unified everyone one this day was tears. But why they were shed was of various reasons. Nickolas, Nick for short, was one such lucky young man. Having applied for the Hercules Academy and doing the exam some time ago with another huge tide of eager students he had been anxiously waiting for results. Moving to the US four months prior from Australia he was fairly new to the country and still didn't know too many from his city much less the students applying. He looked rather run of the mill. Lacking any of the physical variants those with quirks sometimes developed. He was an average looking human. Short, light brown hair and dark green eyes with lightly tanned skin. He wore a light grey shirt, denim vest and black trackies as he sat back on his bed and thought over such good news. He was debating whether his quirk use worked well enough in the practical exam for him to be accepted and given this confirmation of enrollment he was happy to know it did.

Elsewhere across the city another young man celebrated his acceptance. Cartwheeling down a hall a voice yelled at him telling him not to do that inside. He replied with word of his acceptance and a dark haired woman with a short body and wearing a casual shirt and long pants came over to look at him. The boy was of similar look. He had a well rounded face and dark hair with silvery eyes. His hair was slightly long and just past his ears and features were slightly rounded. He wore a dull red t-shirt and navy shorts. Showing the letter the woman hugged him.
"That's great sweety!" She says embracing her son. He gagged and coughed as she hugged him. Despite her small size she was noticeably strong.
"Mum, chocking." He says through muffled words. She lets go and laughs.
"I'm so proud of you Hector." She says as the two smile. "Your father failed to get in there with his grades." She says with a raised voice. A voice calls out from the other room.
"I heard that! Those tests are rigged."
"Then how come I son got in?" She says with a grin. There's a pause.
"He got what!?" The mans voice replies. Winking to Hector she gently pushes him to go to his father. Cartwheeling into the next room she raises her voice and in doing so hears a crash as Hector topples to the floor.
"What did I say!" She yells.
"Sorry." He replies while still smirking. She shakes her head and goes off as Hector informs his father.
Else where, another pair of applicants received their letters. "HELL YEAH! WE'RE IN!" One of them, a young girl, blurted out, jumping excitedly. She wore a hoodie, t-shirt, skirt, and converse. She was worried that her results would've been effected by how exhausted she was by the time the practical was over, though she was fairly confident in her written exam grade. She excitedly darted back to her home to inform her parents.

Another boy let out a relieved sigh, a pale blue mist escaping his mouth, and a set of gills on the sides of his neck. He wore a baseball shirt and jeans. He hopped up from his bed to go tell his older brother the good news.

The grey boy returned to his home, stuffing the acceptance letter in his pocket. He wasn't interested in sharing the news with his family. His mother, the leader of a well known gang in the town, had little to no interest in his life. Hell, when he first told her he was interested in going to Heracles Academy, he needed to come up with some lie about how going would let their gang get an idea on some of the next upcoming pro heroes. His older siblings would probably tease him for getting into the school, more so than they already did.

A couple days passed before the first day of school started. The grey boy stood outside the school looking up at it. He was somewhat surprised he was able to get in considering his mother's position in her gang. Granted, the gang leader was known as Giga-Watt, not Isabelle Cooper. He sighed before heading in. He made his way to his first class of the day. He could recognize a few of his classmates from the practical exam.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

About two days later the students lucky enough to be accepted were informed of their classes. There were several set up for first years and applicants were divided up evenly. Both Nick and Hector were given assignment to class B. Several days later the semester began. Students made their way to class either by drop or similar transport. There were numerous unique individuals around. Most looked Human but some had all forms of strange mutations. From unearthly colours skin like red or grey to some having animal like forms or traits like wings or tails. Nick wore a white buttoned up shirt with a light, light brown jacket and jeans with dark blue runners. He took in the surrounding atmosphere and kept looking to his phone to find his class on the map. Students all around chatted amongst themselves. Several likely knowing one another. It took several minutes but Nick found his assigned class room, his locker out front he put his things away inside and waited out front with several other students.

Hector was dressed slightly more casually. With shorts and a t-shirt he seemed more ready for the beach then class. He wore similar sneakers with short socks and had his hair done in a fashionably messy way. Wandering up to the wall of lockers he found his own. Locker B-11. Two down from Nick who was B-09. He looked about at several of the other students. He didn't know who he should talk to first or how to initiate a conversation. The typical nerves of a new school would set in on everyone but some people could handle it better than others. Closing his lockers with his bag away he wanders to the main group of students.
Ds didn't bother dropping by his locker. Chances are, most of the first day of school was jsut gonna be introducing everyone to each other, their teachers, and the general subjects they'd be studying, so he didn't think he'd have much stuff to carry around with him. He looked around at the other students waiting to be let into the room.

He noticed Nick, having seen him during the practical exam. "Don't you got telekinesis or something?" He questioned, recalling how some of the robots that Nick fought seemed to be torn apart without him ever touching them.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Nick looked over at the question. He saw the grey skinned boy who asked it and looked him over. His pondered if his form had something to do with his quirk.
"You mean me?" He points to himself and gets a nod in reply. "Nah mate." He says with a wave of his hand. "Not my type of quirk." He says as his eyes glance down to his shadow that bent to the side of him as the sun came into the windows. "Don't recall noticing what many other people had for quirks. What was yours?" He says without giving a straight answer. His accent noticeably different to the others around.
Ds placed a hand on a locker, once he was sure no one was touching this particular set of lockers. Electricity visibly coursed across it. "I can shock things I touch." He said, before pausing. "You from Germany?" He questioned, noting Nick's accent. He'd heard Australian accents before, but his own lack of virtually any geography knowledge beyond country names meant he had no idea what accents went with what country. "Dude, have you ever heard a German accent?" Spoke up a voice. The boy with gills came into view, wearing a different baseball shirt and jeans, with an opened button up t-shirt over the baseball shirt. "Australian right?" He asked, glancing at Nick.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"Good ear." Nick says giving a thumbs up to the gilled boy. "I've been called Cockney before but never German." Nick smirks as he runs his hand over the locker and feels faint residual static. "That's an impressive quirk. You ever short out things by touching it?" He asks as Hector looks over at the group pondering to join but remains where he waited. Wanting the day to begin.
"Don't Australians sound British?" Ds questioned. Before anyone had a chance to answer, light tremors could be felt, one after another. Students in the hall cleared as a massive man came walking down the hall. He stood, at minimum, about nine feet tall, and his arms were as wide around as some of the students. He wore fairly casual clothes, a pair of jeans, some work boots, and an unzipped hoodie with a grey t-shirt underneath. His skin was dark, as was his hair which was long but pulled into a low ponytail. He had a mustache beard combo. On his temples, and his bottom jaw were four small spikes.

He yawned. "Morn'n." He said to the students as he unlocked the door and went in. Most of the students were silent, in stunned shock. "He's big." Ds grumbled, before heading into the classroom.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Nick was about to reply when the faint vibrations were felt. Looking down the hall behind Ds he saw a large figure approaching. As the large man that was bigger than any Nick had seen approached all students turned to face him with confusion. Wishing them good morning he opens the door to let the class in. Hearing Ds comment Nick responds.
"Who's this guy?" Nick asks as the class begins to pile into the classroom. With an equally surprised look Hector follows the group in.
"No clue." Ds said. "Dude. you guys've never seen Megaton before?" Asked the boy with the gills. Ds paused. "You're shitt'n me. No way that dude's actually a giant dinosaur." Ds said. "He is. That's what he looks like when his quirks not activated." The gill boy said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"A growth quirk 'ey?" Nick says looking over the large man. "I mean if anyone's going to be a giant dinosaur it'll be him."
"You guys not know we have pros here to teach?" Hector adds in as they all enter the classroom. Nick looks back to him.
"Must admit it slipped my mind. Strange considering it's one of the draws of this place." Nick smirked and welcomed Hector into their little grouping. "Names Nickolas by the way. Go by Nick. What about you lads?" Nick asks as students start moving to their desks.
"Hector." Hector adds as Nickolas sits two sears from the front on the inner left and Hector takes to seat on the far left beside him.
"Name's Ds." Ds introduced, before he took his seat, towards the back. "Lucas, nice to meet you guys." The gill boy said, taking a seat near Hector. It was a bit before all the students showed up, and Megaton began to take role. He called out everyone's names. Ds groaned when he was called out as Davis, and corrected Megaton with his nickname. "Aaaand April Smith?" Megaton questioned finishing off the role call.

"Right here!" replied a girl, who was sat next to the left wall. She wore a large hoodie, skirt, and regular sneakers. "Alright that's everyone, save for the oen guy who hasn't shown up yet. Anyways, you guys probably know me by my Hero name better, Megaton, but in class just call me Monty." Megaton began. Most everyone in the class was silent, partly in disbelief, after all most of the time Monty was shown on the news, he was a giant building sized dinosaur, usually punching out other building villains, so his human form was less well known. "Anyways, There's a bit of a shortage on pro heroes who had the time to help out with teaching, and hero stuff at the same time, so in addition to your homeroom teacher, I'll also be instructing you guys in PE." Monty explained.

"Ok, so first thing on the list for the day is orientation. After the bor'n shit's outta the way, the fun stuff begins. To help me get a good idea of how your quirks work, and to help figure out training plans for them, we'll be doing a quirk test later on after orientation. Then each of you are gonna go to where ever you're next class is. Any questions?" Monty asked. One of the students rose their hand. "Can you bench press skyscrapers when full sized?" He asked. Monty chuckled. "Nah, they're not structurally capable of handling that." He said. "Anyways, onto orientation!" Monty declared.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Orientation went by with the usual formalities and by the book structure that left most wanting to hit the snooze button. Though after a good half an hour it was done and the students were filed out to the outdoor courts. It was a large, open basket ball court that had a baseball field behind it and indoor gym to the left.
"Do you think this place actually has a team?" Nick asks Hector. Hector shrugs.
"Not that I know of." Once they all came out they grouped up and listened to Monty as he gave them their instructions for the test.
"Ok, so for the quirk tests, each of you when called on will come forward and display your quirk. If you need something for the display just ask and I'll see what I can get for you." Monty explained. "And if you wanna show off a bit, I ain't stopp'n ya. Ok so first up...." Monty began looking at roll call. "Doing things weird this time, first up's Nickolas." Monty said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Nick got up and started to head to the front of the group. As he walked he took note of the light and saw the sun was overhead.
"I'd need someone to assist if that would work." Monty asks for a volunteer. Hector stepped up.
"I'll help."
"Perfect." Nick says as he asks Hector to stand several meters from him as he looks at his shadow. "Ok so come at me. Just try and hit me." Hector looks curiously at him.
"Ok then." He says readying a punch and stepping forward. He got two steps before pausing. His fist was raised, arm bent and leg mid air as he was in mid stride. Nick smiles.
"Neat huh?"
"I can't move." Hector says. Nick looks down to their shadows. Nick's shadow did something unheard of. It moved. Bent around and was holding the leg and arm of Hector's shadow. Hector could move his left arm and with it tried moving his right. However it was stuck and not moving. "What's your quirk anyway?" Hector asks. Nick points to his shadow which moved independently.
"It's called Shadow Puppet. Basically my shadow takes on its own actions that I can mentally control like part of my own body. It can restrain people by grabbing that part of their shadows and even manipulate them. As such." He says and the shadow lets go of Hector's shadows leg and with the free hand opens his grabbed hands palm. With his hand opened the shadows hand pushes the back of Hector's shadows head and his face slams into his palm.
"Ow." Hector says sarcastically. Nick's shadow lets go of him and Hector gains control of his body again.
"Feels tingly. Like my arm fell asleep for a minute." He says shaking his arm and leg that were frozen.
"That's actually kinda freaky." Monty chuckled. He asked Nick a couple questions about the quirk, namely the draw backs, or any other potential uses he'd thought up for it, jotting the answers down before moving onto the next student, the boy who'd asked Monty about lifting a skyscraper. "Alright next up is Benji." Monty said, before he stepped forward. He had green eyes, brown hair, and wore a green shirt. He popped his knuckles, before there was a green flash, and suddenly standing taller then Monty, Benji had changed form, now being 12 feet tall, for armed, heavily muscled and covered in small spikes. He explained his quirk, Decaform, and how that was just one of ten forms he could take, as well as some of the draw backs, namely a time limit and difficulty controlling which form he took.

"Lucas, you're up next." Monty said. Lucas walked forward. "Hey we got any of those robots from the entrance exam lying around?" Lucas asked. Monty nodded, before he went to a supply room, and returned a few minutes later with a humanoid robot following behind. It was fairly basic, having a singular red eye on its head. Lucas took a deep breath, before blasting a bright blue beam from his mouth, hitting the robot square in the chest. Blue mist was expelled from Lucas's gills, forming a large cloud on either side of him.

He stopped the beam and gasped for breath, leaning forward on his knees. The robot had a large hole melted through its chest, before falling over. "I can.... I can fire a super heated plasma beam for...... for as long as I can hold my breath." Lucas said between breaths. Monty let out a whistle. "Damn! Wish I could do that! Be just like something from one of thoseo ld giant monster movies." Monty chuckled, jotting some notes down.

He went through a couple more students, one whose quirk let him grow quills all over his body, another allowed the girl who used it to basically make her limbs into springs. "Hector, your go now." Monty said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"Do we have any metal?" Hector asks. "Something made of steel, iron or tin. Two pieces." He adds as Monty goes off and comes back with two single handed dumbbell weights. "Place them about three meters apart." He says as Monty does so before stepping back. Hector puts his left hand on one and right on the other. As people watch the tow weights begin to push across the pavement towards one another for a moment before flying and slamming together. "My quirk is called Magnetism. My left side delivers a positive charge while my right a negative. Can only work with steel, iron and tin or metals with around seventy eight percent of them in their make up." He explains as Monty lifts the weights confirming they are stuck.

"The size of the item determines the magnets strength. So with those being so small they won't have much pull but they attract one another. Largest things I've been able to do so far are cars which are big enough to begin pulling things around them. Can also mess up some older computer hardware and exposed computer systems like motherboards. I'm not allowed in tech stores." He says with a nervous smile. "Though I control when I imbue a charge or not. Then the charge fades after a couple minutes. The larger the object the faster the decline. Those weights should last about twenty five minutes." He says touching them and the charge dissipates. "Or I manually remove it myself." He says having been given his questions and sent back to the group.
A couple more students were called up. One could turn her body into magma, another could generate and control sand, and another could augment their physical capabilities by absorbing light directly from the sun. "Next up is Da-er-Ds." Monty said. Ds sighed and stepped forward. He wasn't exactly looking forward to this. "Got another robot?" He asked. Monty nodded before going and getting one.

Ds placed a hand on the robot's chest, before electricity surged across his arm. The robot suddenly spasmed, sparking violently before the power unit on its back blew out, having been overcharged. "Body generates electricity. I can discharge it on touch. Dunno what the voltage or wattage or whatever is. Only got a limited charge in my body before I run out, but I can suck electricity from electronics for a quick recharge. If I absorb too much electricity I shock myself." Ds said, glaring at the ground. "That can be pretty useful." Monty said, jotting some more notes down. "Not really." Ds replied, before getting back into the group.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

As Monty went to read out the next name a voice called out.
"I'm here!" It shouted as everyone turned to see a young man running up. His hair was blue but strangely natural looking and oddly spiky and thick. It was short and looked like he dyed his bed hair. His eyes were a light blue or grey and he was rather slender and average height. He wore trackies with a blue t-shirt and runners. He ran up with an odd amount of flailing and stood in front of Monty. "Sorry I'm late sir." He said quickly. "I'm Markus. I ended up on a wrong bus and ended up across town." He says with a nervous smile.

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