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Kaiju.They are the protectors of the earth,and have been here for millions of years.However due to unknown reasons,they are coming out of their dormant states.In an act of defense,humans made mechanized version of these creature and of their own design.However, the Kaiju have evolve in more ways then one.With most gain a unique powers.However that wasn't the reason the creature woke up,as other kaiju,not known in legends,are coming to destroy the planet.Either human find a way to work with them,or the Earth is doomed.


Creatures from long ago.Each have an effect on the Planet,whenever it's an positive or negative.Clearly they been on the earth longer than we have,and the exact reason on why they's becoming active now is currently unknown.But it seems each and every one of them has a goal in mind.A goal that they agreed on.Their sheer size,makes it impossible for us to harm them.Also they seem to use Radiation as a food source.Meaning they will attack major cities if they need to feed.They also have a number of abilities.

Creautres that live today.They build cities,and small town.Compared to the past times,they have evolved quick when the Kaiju expected.Quick enough to make Food for the Titans.But they are intelligent.Able to make their own Kaiju,their own monsters.Weapons strong enough to kill.Able to analyze a Titan's weak spot.They could also use the blood of titans to make their ow hybrids made to fight

We do not know where they come from,but legends has it that they made creatures strong enough to kill Titans.But they are worse.They can make them in a time span of two days,which means that the titans evolved not only to survive,but to fight the threat on their world.Not much is known about them expect that.

1)If your going to play as a titan,give them a origin.What do they do for the Earth?Are they an enemy to one of the titans.DO they have any robotic properties.Etc

2)What are their abilites?Can they make forest grow back with their radiation.Can they breathe something like a Fire breath?Etc

3)Give your Titan or Alien a weakness or two!Don't make it Over Powered!

4)If you alien your creature dies,you can either make a new one or use the remains to make it better.Improvise.

4)You can upgrade your Robot,but don't make it a complete kaiju killing machine

5)Give you Titan or Alien a backstory. Are they based of the gods of religion,or did they make said religon?Also how where they during ancient times.
I can be a Human. I need a friggin' robot!
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

Then Make one!
Umm... it has gun... nonono... 2 gun
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

Jesus Chirst,and I have to fight you...
Jk... let's see here, it can be like.. a couple of feet smaller than Godzilla, armed with a twin-barreled automatic shotgun with shells bigger than a human. And I guess... a scatter rocket thingy? Maybe some type of protruding scythe I'll name it the Reaper mech. I guess it will be a bulky fellow, covered in armor, well guarded in the cockpit
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

You think you can find a image for it?Before I tear to scrap
Yeah... I don't have one I think it should look like the lanky one from Uprising, except surrounded in hexagons for armor, and a thingy labeled "USMC" on the side
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

bracer-phoenix-in-pacific-rim-uprising-4k_218845638.jpgThis one


This one?
I like the yellow one. Does it have to be based off the movie though? Or is it a custom one?
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

Okay, so it kinda looks like that, but the headpiece is different, and the armor texture is a bunch of hexagons. Oh, and no mace
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

I like that, i'll take it
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

And if you want you can start
Can you?
Godzilla (played by dantefrancis)

I already started the Ic

Also use this,so if people join,they have an idea on how to create their machines

Machine Creation Sheet





I might be interested in joining, if I could be a Titan. I’ll think of powers and weaknesses whilst you reply.

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